Attending an English tuition centre is an excellent way to practise your language skills. However, how can you improve your English skills outside the four corners of your classroom? The good part of learning English is that many resources are available, from listening to music, reading books, and watching movies in your free time.

Here’s how you can improve your accent through different resources to improve your skills while having fun.

1. Listen to Native Speakers

The best way to learn pronunciation is to listen to native speakers talk in English. You can do this by watching movies or vlogs on YouTube. Many online personalities are native English speakers who you can try to imitate.

2. Challenge Yourself with Tongue Twisters

When attending the best English tuition centre in Singapore, you can also challenge yourself with tongue twisters. It is because the activity is a good workout for your mouth too. But be sure to take it slowly on the first try!

3. Read Aloud and Listen to Yourself

 You can also read aloud and listen to yourself to practise your pronunciation. This way, you can pinpoint the mispronounced words and correct yourself. You can also ask your teachers from the English tuition in Singapore to guide you when reading English words.

4. Talk With Native Speakers

You can also try talking with native speakers in your English tuition centre classes, on social media accounts or in person. You can meet new people through language learning apps or perhaps go to a foreign country where you can practise your skills.

5. Subscribe to Podcasts

Aside from attending English tuition classes, you can also subscribe to podcasts where you can hear people talk in English. This way, you can get familiar with how the word sounds, the intonation and phonemes.

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