The reasons for the emergence of insects at home

The house is one of the most places that a person tries to preserve because it is the place of life for him and his family, and any damage to it is in the most severe cases of distress and searches for many ways to treat places that have been damaged by it.

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We talk in this article about the most powerful insects that may infect your house with the most severe types of damage whatsoever, and may even threaten to collapse if the insects were left amusing and tampering with without ways to eliminate them. One of the most corrupt insects that the article today talks about is dementia or termites.

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Dementia is not an insect, two, or group, but rather lives in colonies estimated at millions under the ground, attacks homes with such a huge number, and infinite damage occurs, and methods for getting rid of them are difficult, but keeping them away from home is easy and there are many ways that we will mention to you later in this article.

Reasons for the emergence of dementia at home

There are things that make moths at home and they are attractive factors. Once they are known and disposed of, moths cannot attack your home again. These factors include:

1- Cutting old and near wood from the house or inside the house and this factor is one of the most important factors that attract dementia to your home because they feed on cellulose material found in wood and also the trees near your house and the falling leaves from them. The moth takes these papers as a shelter for them.

Moth insects relate to wood or wood that remains in your garden and is the result of any work that you have done previously and remains of this debris. It must be disposed of away from your home immediately because the ants first contact before entering your house with external wood, which makes its way easy for your home.

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The trees whose branches are thrown on the balcony of your house are very dangerous and this is the way that leads to dementia to enter easily to your home. These branches should be destroyed immediately and cut down and keep the trees away from your home.

2- The second factor that attracts moths at home is excess humidity because they do not like intense heat and prefer moisture and humid environments because their eggs should be placed in moist soil, they prefer a humid tropical climate

We mention homes that may be subject to dementia hybridization, which are next to water sources, but this factor does not enter us with it because we cannot change the weather, but what we can do is to get rid of the accumulated water in our garden or repair broken water taps.

3- The third factor for attracting dementia in the home is the lack of maintenance and renovation of the house, so the increased wood. If attention is paid to cleaning the house continuously, we will get rid of this wood and thus fill the gap of moth entering our homes.

And also, get rid of the leaves and pay attention to hygiene around and inside the house, and get rid of the nearby garbage and any place that you don’t usually go to often inside your home, you should take care of its cleanliness.

It is assumed that once a malfunction or water leakage occurred, or anything that needs maintenance of floors or walls, it must be treated and not left and neglected, because failure to repair these faults attract moths to your home.

Attention should be paid to regular maintenance of the home, attempting to restore old parts to it, and addressing and solving problems that occur in its parts.

Signs of a moth at home

There are signs, if we see them, that indicate that our house suffers from dementia. These include:

Wall paint puffiness and bubbles in the form of bubbles.

Hollow wood, parquet floors and wood ceiling.

Small clay tubes above the doors and in the wooden ceiling These clay pipes are made from termites or moths.

How to get rid of dementia at home

The best and most important ways to get rid of the moth at home is to use the best insecticide company in Mecca that is specialized and professional in pest control, and it has methods that make it get rid of any insects, no matter how strong their strength, the ways and methods

Because they are qualified to combat all types of insects and possess the most powerful pesticides to get rid of these insects with strong potency and without minimal harm when sprayed on humans.

Because they are materials that have been tested in laboratories and found not to affect humans, and the Ministry of Health has stated that they have praised their use.

We hope that we will unveil the reasons for the emergence of dementia at home, methods of detection and methods of treatment

Do not try to get rid of these insects on your own because here are special methods for professionals the average person does not know it, but it may spoil his intervention to combat any insect and cause a lot of damage to him and his family and instead of limiting the insect’s reproduction it makes it exist in greater numbers because he does not have sufficient experience to get rid of them.