Big Tech And Single Living In Austin: Complete Guide  Introduction

Today’s day in age really pushes the idea of getting married and having kids. Everywhere you look there are advertisements pushing the idea of getting married and having children quickly after high school. However, did you know that the average age of a single, childless person is gradually rising. 

With people living longer and having less children, the need to have children young is less and people are enjoying their twenties without children. What do you do if you are young with no children? You go out and enjoy a stress free lifestyle, having fun with your friends. If you are single and looking at moving to Austin, Texas then consider these things.

Job Opportunities And Growing Cultures

Austin, Texas is great right now because it is growing rapidly. Job opportunities are growing aggressively and there is a little bit of everything for everyone. The first assumption people think when they hear Austin, Texas is a bunch of cowboys but actually Austin is great for singles because there are actually many different cultures merging there. 

With Mexico just across the border and access to a large variety of states surrounding, there are many cultures and a merging of people in this area. The job opportunities are growing greatly in basically all industries. There is a little something for singles living in Austin, Texas.

A Few Random Things to Think About

Texas is well known for its incredibly hot weather. Luckily, there are many public swimming pools and splash pads to cool off at. Also, there are many housing communities that have swimming pools and similar type cooling activities to enjoy.

Texas has delicious food. With a merging of so many cultures, you could basically enjoy any type of food that you want. With Mexico just across the border, there Mexican restaurants are off the chain. Along with that, their music industry is taking off. It is following closely with Nashville in its opportunities for aspiring singers. Texas is a great place for any young person looking to start fresh or looking for a new exciting way of life.

Where to Live?

Just like most towns, different cultures and age groups tend to stick together. Austin is well known for its older population neighborhoods. However, did you know that there are also young living neighborhoods with perks for the young population. If you are a singles living in Austin, consider these communities to live in. 

Cherrywood for example, is designed to be in the price range of what the average single can afford in the area. Along with that, Cherrywood has nearby sights and things to do for young people such as the annual Halloween parade and contemporary restaurants.

Another great place for young people to live in the Austin, Texas area is South Lamar. South Lamar is great because it has affordable homes and so many things for young people. From upscale restaurants to fun bars and many other young millennial type activities. From yoga studios to millennial news writers, this area is perfect for any young person looking to move to Austin, Texas.


Austin, Texas is the place to be if you are a single looking for an exciting and new place to live. There are many opportunities from jobs to living environments. With the community growing and becoming more and more diverse, nearly everyone can find their place in this big town. Although Austin is growing rapidly, it still holds strong on being one of the safest cities to live. So if you are looking for a safe, happy place to live, check out Austin.