Things to buy for the Shopaholics in Bali

Is Bali a top priority on your list of holidaying destinations? If yes, you are likely to be curious about what all Bali has got to offer. From top-rated tourist attractions to adventurous sports, your Bali packages will take sufficient care of your comfort. Yet, every travel seems incomplete without an added flavor of shopping; this Indonesian land promises you the best of all shopping experiences till date. Here’s a list of take away exquisite souvenirs to make your Bali tour a memorable one for the years to come –

Beachwear –

Bali is a land of beaches and a most sought destination for surfers to re-direct their attention to this Indonesian land. Hence, hunting for the beachwear and surfing accessories is a simple task for the tourists visiting Bali. If you are entirely new to the water sports, you can simply grab the surf wears from surf stores like Billabong or Rip Curl. Bali Boatshed is perfect if you are in search of some high-quality beach gear, towels, and swimwear.

Retail shopping –

If you want to embrace your wardrobe with some designer yet simple clothing and fancy watches, head towards Bali’s shopping destinations. Right from amazing prints to kaftans to dreamy dresses to superfine linens, these Bali shopping centers feature it all. While you search for the one that suits your taste, do not forget to rotate your eyes through the classical boho styles and flamboyant prints. These are definitely worthy of your wallet. You can get it either at Seminyak or Petitenget.

Chocolates –

The festive season is approaching. Hence, it is the ideal time for you to collect some chocolates as a Bali return gift for your friends, family, and relatives. If you want to have a unique Bali experience, drive your way to the UbudTeba Sari Plantation to pick some spices, coffee beans, and other local herbs. Kintamani region in the north of Bali is a hub for coffee plantation and the most sought place to dig a hand at Kopi Luwak. Although you might get it from major grocery stores of Bali, for the fresh ones, the Kintamani region is the best.

Handicrafts –

Handicrafts of Bali are the best souvenirs one could ever think to opt for. From handmade terracotta to vintage furniture, Sukawati or Ubud markets are the best places to visit in Bali to get it all at. These handicrafts bring the local artisans of Bali to the spotlight and showcase the brilliance of their intellectual creativity.

Jewelry –

Bali’s traditional jewelry is the best thing to shop here. From tribal to antique variants, you will get every designer piece here. Bali homes to some exceptional gold and silversmith across the globe, and their artistry stands in competition with no one. Studio Perak or John Hardy Workshop are the best places to dig in as many gold and silver jewelry as you want.

Bags –

Do you still use the machine-made bags? If you are fond of luxuriousness and comfort, Bali’s bag world will leave you spellbound. Bali is a firm believer in eco-friendly behavior and sustainability. And the same defines the uniqueness of the bags manufactured here. Ethical soft-leather bags brilliantly carved out from sustainably sourced fibers wins the heart of every eye falling on to it. This is a small effort of the Balinese people to preserve their rich culture and traditions while still leaving you with a broad smile of satisfaction.

Fragrances –

Try the fragrances of Bali, and you will forget all the branded ones, who once were a burden on your wallet. You can either get one for you or your loved one. Besides, you can even find high-quality skincare, haircare, or other beauty products to load your shopping bag.

So what are you guys up to? Tick down all the souvenirs you want to buy in your Bali itinerary and gift a smile to your loved ones.