This is how often you should have your offices commercial carpet cleaned

Offices receive a lot of foot traffic. From employees, vendors, and customers walking in and out – your carpet withstands a lot. It also soaks up a lot of dirt and grime in the process.

Even with nightly vacuuming, you may start to realize the dirt and grime collected in your carpets is changing the colors of your carpet. That’s because regular vacuuming does not get deep enough into the carpet fibers to fully remove all dust particles.

When there’s a buildup of dust particles, you risk the chance of having your employees breathing in excess dust, pollutants, and grime that can cause them to become ill. And let’s face it, as an employer, you can’t afford to have employees gone for days at a time due to illness.

That’s when it’s time to contact a professional commercial carpet cleaning company. A commercial carpet cleaning company will come to your office and handle the shampooing while the office is closed so when you return, the carpet will be freshly cleaned, and you may notice your office smells better as well.

How often should you have commercial carpet cleaning complete?

It’s recommended to have your chosen carpet cleaning company come to your office every 6 months to complete the service. This will help eliminate any excess dirt and debris from your floors and will leave your carpets looking new.

Now, if you have higher foot traffic or work in an area that has high doses of environmental issues such as a lot of snow, water, or sand – you may need to have the carpets cleaned every 3-4 months instead.

Here are a few other factors that determine how often you should complete the service:

  • Location – we touched base on this, but your location and environmental factors will help you and your commercial carpet cleaning company determine the best plan of action for your office.
  • Amount of foot traffic – if you have a higher dose of foot traffic (i.e. A lot of employees or customers) you may want to have your carpets cleaned professionally once a month or once every two months. Again, discuss this with the professionals, and they’ll have a better estimate of time between appointments.
  • The type of carpet involved – depending on what type of carpet you have will also determine how much dirt and grime gets stuck between fibers.