Top 5 Baby Gear for Adventurous Parents 

      Having a baby doesn’t mean compromising on your lifestyle or favorite tasks. Instead, why not introduce your adventurous side to your baby as well? 

Thanks to the invention of modern gear aimed at the safety and convenience of the babies, taking your newborn out with you is much easier. Therefore, with guidance from BabyMonitorsRev, we present you with a list of top 5 baby gear for adventurous parents that you need to check out. 

  1. Baby bike trailers

Riding with your baby has been never been so easy and safe thanks to baby bike trailers. Baby bike trailers are a type of carrier that is connected to the rear of your bicycle. 

They hold your baby and act as a sidecar for your baby to sit in. Give the baby a chance to experience new sides and rejoice every moment while you ride a bike. Baby bike trailers ensure a comfortable seat and smooth ride for your baby due to their sturdy wheels and first-rate suspension system. 

  1. Jogging stroller

If you are a kind of active parent who refuses to leave your daily running routine at any cost then a jogging stroller is just the right gadget for you. Unlike a traditional stroller, jogging strollers let you run or jog on all sorts of bumpy or smooth tracks. Jogging strollers come with three, large-sized wheels set in a triangular shape to run over rough surfaces. Moreover, they have a super-effective suspension system to minimize any external shocks and vibrations. Also, running with a jogging stroller burns more calories than usual since you’ll be pushing the extra weight with you.

  1. Baby carriers

If you staying put at home with your newborn is not your style, baby carriers are here to help. Baby carriers available in the form of wraps or slings are a convenient way of moving around with your baby. Using one of these also eradicates the need for bulky strollers that can’t accompany you everywhere. It also keeps your hand frees so that you could carry on with your daily activities.  

  1. Travel crib

When traveling, finding a suitable sleeping spot for your baby is a daunting task and adventurous parents know it all so well. A travel crib is highly portable and lightweight. It easily folds up to a compact size and you can carry it anywhere along with you. Whether you are out camping or on a holiday at the beach, a travel crib promises a comfortable bed for your baby to sleep in.

  1. Infant safety seat

An infant safety seat is a must to take gadgets for adventurous parents who travel a lot. In case of an accident, babies are more prone to serious injuries since they are fragile and have weaker spines. Therefore, we use infant safety seats as they provide the best protection to your baby in likely hood of a car accident. Always place the seat facing towards the rear of the car for maximum protection. 


With the following gear for outdoor babies, it is to make memories with your newborn. With proper safety standards maintained, there is no need to hesitate to show your adventurous side to your baby.