What is kitfo? – ethiopian cuisine

Kifto (Kitfo – epersianfood) is a popular traditional Ethiopian food originating from a region called Gurage in southern part of this country.

Kitfo is made from raw beef which is minced and served with condiments including a spicy marinated rub and a form of clarified butter known as niter kebbeh

European equivalent

The European equivalent of this dish is steak tartare . in both of them thin slices of fresh beef are main ingredients . All Ethiopian restaurants around the world serve this dish and in fact it is recommended to those who are experiencing raw meat eating.making sure about meat healthy is the most important point of eating kitfo.

kitfo cuisine

Ingridients and foods accompanied by

Cook minces its finely, and serves it with the dish for spices add mitmita pepper and a side of niterkibbeh , which is flavoured with the herbs. Depending on cultural roots or cook preference There are some foods that are eaten beside kitfo like , a type of flatbread made from teff, or kocho, a thicker Ethiopian bread. Kitfo you may be served with leafy-greens, mild-cheeses, and ensete leaves.


When traditional kitfo feast in Ethiopia, you will receive a number of breads with raw meat. Injera, the ubiquitous staple of the country, is always provided.

Along with the injera you will also get a bread kocho (qocho), a thick and hearty flatbread made from ensete , its similar to a banana. These was my 1st time ever to sample kocho.

One was sticky, and the other version was toasted & crispy. Many especially prefer the crispy kocho, it tasted like an incredibly filling cracker.

Along with bitsof raw beef, it’s like eating crackers and butter.

Different types of kitfo

Usually if you order a kifto at a restaurant you will get a tire kifto which is completely raw but if your choice is “Leb leb” form it will be served a little hot , although the meat still remain raw . depends on the taste of the customer, some prefer it quite cold and some prefer a mild heat. Many people have concerns about the risk of transmmiting bacteria from raw meat bacteria in the body. Choosing authentic and well-known restaurants or restaurants that cook in front of a customer by fresh meat can Reduce these concerns the reeds Other signs of identifying leftover meat

include meat which has begun to separate and pull apart or meat with strong discolorations

kitfo recipe

safety of eating kitfo

Eating raw meat is one of most Controversial issues for dieticians, many favor it and others disagree.
The advantages and disadvantages of meat, which are the subject of arguments, are mostly in cooked and grilled meats, but raw meat is almost universally believed to be dangerous to humans.

The human stomach cannot digest raw meat properly so as result , the water-soluble protein albumin in the intestine becomes inflamed and produces new toxins; gastric worms that mostly come from raw and semi-cooked meats are the main cause of infection and gastric infections .
There is a poison in the meat called Castrell which can cause dangerous diseases especially for people who consume meat reqularly . the raw meat compared to cooked meat is much more toxic, so eating raw meat is dangerous.


How does kitfo taste?

Here is experience of one american tourist about taste of kitfo:

I have had kitfo quite a sometimes at Ethiopian restaurants in the USA, and I always enjoyed it, but this version at Yohannes-Kitfo in Ethiopia it was the best ever had by a long shot.

Honestly, the meat was so tender and so smooth that I really didn’t need to chew. Meat it just sort of dissolved in my tongue, the spices with butter enlightening my tastebuds.

Myfirst bite was so incredible that I actually have to close my eyes and give it to myself for a personal moment of silence to fully appreciate flavor.

Beef wasnot gamey at all, but it was like a delicate-cheese, but herbaceous and spicy with the same time.

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