Top 5 Intro Maker Tools For Everyone

To make your video standout, it is essential to have an engaging, exciting and excellent video intro. A carefully designed intro helps the video creator to connect with the audience within a few second. A bad, loud, illogical and absurd intro leads to people giving a click on the next video. Or people decide to stay away from that particular content creator. Thankfully there are several intro makers available which can help in creating stunning intros to leave a lasting impression. If you are a video content creator, then having an intro maker tool is a must. It enables you to create highly customizable intros quickly and efficiently without wasting undue time and effort. Here are the top 5 intro makers tool for everyone to use.


If you don’t have any experience in creating or developing intros, then it’s time to get into this cave. IntroCave has a vast library of intro video templates which can be customizable to a great extent to be used in any of your videos. It is quite easy to use with simple drag and drop functionality. It ranks high when it comes to the availability of a wide range of effects and themes to use in the video. Sadly, you can only apply for demos as all the intro videos created with this tool’s free version is liable to carry to watermark. You can easily generate intro videos in HD quality, but you will have to go for the paid subscription for that.


This intro maker is legendary in every sense. It has been present in the video editing scene since the beginning of time or let say for over a decade. It has a massive library of templates with a high degree of customizability baked into it for better effect. Panzoid allows the user to add some outstanding, quirky and exciting backgrounds to their intro videos. Panzoid is free to use unlike most of the other intro maker tools available on this list. Therefore, it is quite an old school, in essence, does even feature an excellent flashy interface offered by some other modern intro video maker tools. However, this tool is backed by one of a kind ‘community’ which is massive in size, with global reach and easy to communicate with to learn something new and get some good advice.


Rederforest is one of the most popular intro maker tools available online. So far more than 5 million intro videos have been created with this tool which is a remarkable achievement in itself. It has an incredibly massive collection of templates couple with an equally impressive range of customization for each one. This tool allows free intro videos to be downloaded only in the low quality of 360 SD, which is just ‘alright’ not great for intro videos. Renderforest special features and qualities can only be unlocked by paying a hefty subscription of $90 on a monthly basis. Its user interface is well suited for the beginners who will find it challenging to use at first with the added learning curve. 


It is another rising intro maker tool. The best thing about this intro maker tool is that it focuses on simplicity and ease of use. It helps in creating in professional-looking intro videos which are more than enough to catch the fancy of the viewer and keep them glued on the screen. Users can choose from hundreds of highly customizable videos from its library and play with it. It also has a growing audio library which helps in adding some exciting and engaging music to the intro video. For those who love to add more features into their intro videos, there is the multiple layer functionality. It also has a commendable range of power transitions to shower the intro videos with some engaging and mesmerizing effects.

If you need to create intro video in multiple languages, then this is the best intro maker tool for it. Herein you can create such video by giving a few clicks. Furthermore, it also has automated voice-overs for added effect. InVideo emerges as one of a kind all-in-one simple yet effective video creation tool.


The best free intro video maker for you. This tool is simple, easy to use with some navigation fixtures. Biteable is best suited for those who need to create intro videos describing the content of the video. On customization front, Biteable isn’t quite great, but even with limited customization, you will be able to create some exciting videos. When something is free, then it comes with a ‘catch’ in the online world. Biteable inglorious watermark keeps demonizing your delicately crafted intro videos unless you decide to go with a paid subscription. Sadly, this app isn’t cool or classy or flashy; it is simple and right to the point – to aid users in creating quality intro videos.