Indian Shopping Industry Witnesses A Revolutionary Change Read Here:

With Internet commercializing at a rapid pace, this world witnessed the advent of e-commerce. With that, the online shopping industry in India has been introduced to a wide range of innovations and newer trends that help customers find their required products effectively. But the recent shopping universe has undergone a sea change with the burgeoning logistics gaining favor with both investors and developers. The advent of ‘play-and-win’ websites has opened numerous opportunities for shopaholics to bring them happiness despite the rapid things happening to modify this expensive society. That’s how CANBMINE Pvt. Ltd has come to the forefront with their amazing services of playing and winning products from the portal!


It all started with one idea that flashed Riyaz Ahamed after he resolved a critical financial challenge for his colleague by himself and a group of likeminded people. He believes that each person has the power to overcome all of the needs and challenges in life and to live a life of value, and become a positive influence in our society and the world by just taking part and that’s how the prominence of CAN B MINE came under the limelight!

CAN B MINE one of India’s biggest shopping platform is nowhere an exaggeration, because it stands for what it claims to perform! The idea of play to win is fun and excitement that makes canbmine unique and stand out from other eCommerce competitors. People are the most important milestones in setting up this company. Where the benefit is so huge to the winner with a compromising cashback for unlucky players!


Playing games is such a common activity in all our life and if this becomes more of a habbit at canbmine the benefits will be so higher for everyone with skills! Being a part of CAN B MINE will be of paramount importance, since it has greater visions and opportunities to deliver finest and more expensive products which might be a life time goal for a few people too, As it grows bigger and bigger with peoples support and willingness to play & Win their needs!

CAN B MINE as the name refers “Anything can be mine”. The main goal is to make our needs achievable through group participation by enjoying an excitement factor through winning in our day to day life.

A new way of acheiving our needs.