Top 5 types of ice cream cone sleeve

An innovation has been introduced in the ice cream cones. Cone sleeve is a covering of the ice cream cone. The ice cream cone sleeves provide the ease to the consumer as it keeps their ice cream cone from dripping. Many times the ice cream creates the mess when you don’t have a covering. Cone sleeve is the best option to choose since they come handy and resolve the problem of devouring the tasty and sweet ice cream. The top 5 best ice cream cone sleeves are


  • Paper cone sleeve


Paper cone sleeve is the most common type of ice cream covering. The paper cone sleeve is very easy to create and design. People can make them at home also and use them to cover their ice cream. The custom cone sleeves are generally prepared with paper which can be customised easily according to the serving size of the cone to be covered with the sleeve


  • Plastic cone sleeves


Plastic cone sleeves are mostly chosen by the people who want the smooth filling of the ice cream. The plastic cone sleeves are generally more durable than the paper and are best to be used when ice cream is to be stored in them for a long period of time. Many beautiful designs can be printed on plastic cone sleeves. However, they are not as environment friendly as paper. 

  1. Aluminium cone sleeves

The aluminium cone sleeves are prepared with aluminium sheet. These cone sleeves are highly customisable and provide more durability than any other material. Furthermore, they are environment friendly as compared to plastic cone sleeves. If you have any event at home and you need cone sleeves for covering your ice cream cones, you can buy wholesale custom cone sleeves at very cheaper rates. 


  • Ice cream cone sleeves paper with foil


The printable custom cone sleeves are considered to be one of the best coverings that can be used for ice cream to prevent it from dripping. The paper foil has a coating of aluminium on it that makes it super strong and flexible at the same time. You can buy wholesale cone sleeves made of paper with foil on any occasion to give your cone ice cream serving a unique and attractive look. Furthermore, if you have a theme to follow on the event, you can design the ice cream cone sleeves accordingly. These sleeves can be cut into different shapes and sizes according to the ice cream they are going to house.  


  • Cardboard cone sleeve


When you want to get the feeling of holding something stiff in hand that will give you protection from the mess created from the ice cream dripping, you can get yourself a cardboard cone sleeve to cover your ice cream cone. This is also one of the best coverings that are very easy to print. The company can easily print its logo and other attractive designs on these sleeves that will definitely make them stand out