Experts’ Global – One of the Leading Names in GMAT Prep

If you wish to secure a set at the business school of your choice, you will need to perform well on your GMAT. It should not surprise you to learn that there are a great number of prep programs focused on the GMAT. If you intend to take up one of them, it will be important for you to make sure that it is a reliable one. GMAT preparation will be a serious investment of time and energy, you cannot afford to get caught in a dead end. One program that you can certainly rely on is Experts’ Global’s Online GMAT Preparation program. Experts’ Global is an EdTech firm, founded by Mr. Mayank Srivastava. Since the firm’s founding, in 2008, it has helped countless GMAT aspirants secure enviable scores. Let us take a closer look at Experts’ Global’s online program for GMAT preparation:

Video Instruction
Instructional videos are a key part of Experts’ Global’s repertoire, particularly their 100 GMAT concept videos. It is through these videos that Experts’ Global teaches the GMAT syllabus, one small concept at a time. There is another type of video that Experts’ Global has that is absolutely unique, the explanation videos. For every one of Experts’ Global’s practice exercise and mock test questions, there is a video that details exactly how to solve the question, in as time efficient a manner as possible.

Closeness to the GMAT
Experts’ Global’s GMAT practice material is extremely close to the real GMAT’s. It covers the same concepts, with the proper focus on each one. The questions are of similar difficulty levels and exactly as complex as those found on the GMAT. They are even written in the same style. On a related note, the testing screen that the practice material is hosted on is also exactly like the GMAT’s. It looks the same, with similar colors and layout and it functions the same, with similar controls and timers. What is really impressive, though, is the fact that the scoring on Experts’ Global’s mock is almost identical to the GMAT’s. Experts’ Global’s students often note that their scores on the practice tests are practically the same as those they got on their GMAT Prep mocks. This closeness is a major part of why Experts’ Global’s GMAT prep is so effective.

Quality and Quantity of Mock Tests
Experts’ Global’s mock test series has more material than any other, 15 full-length GMAT mock tests. The purpose behind including so many tests is to encourage the students to give regular mocks, throughout their prep, so that they develop the stamina that they will need to give an exam like the GMAT. It will also help them keep close track of how much progress they have made.

Performance Analysis
Experts’ Global has included a very robust analysis system. This system analyzes every mock and provides the student with a whole host of useful information, on their performance, such as what their strongest and weakest areas are, how much time they took on the average questions, which one they took the most time on, etc. The software also helps them understand what their overall weak and strong areas are, by analyzing multiple, recent mock tests.

Extra Features
This online module has also been outfitted with a number of interesting and unique features. One, particularly, noteworthy one is the “flag” button, which lets you mark and save questions that you wish to come back to and examine in greater detail. Having the questions saved makes it much easier to do so. Another useful little feature is the “sticky”. The “stickies” are small, colored pop-up screens that can be used to take notes on, while studying and practicing. The “stickies” can then be pinned to the student’s “wall”. These are small features but they really do go a long way, towards improving one’s GMAT preparation.

A very well structured and carefully thought out program, Experts’ Global’s online GMAT prep is guaranteed to produce results.