The traditional kitchen designs have been in the business for a long time but kitchen remodeling contractors still continue to update the trends so that homeowners can see portions of their home that they can renovate.

If you want to explore new things to do with your kitchen, there will be a new set of upgrades on its functionality, technology, and aesthetics.

To further help you decide, here are some of the hottest kitchen trends in 2020.

Flextension layout

This is the first kitchen trend in 2020 that just not focus on the look and use of the kitchen but it allows you to be more flexible by allocating spaces for breakfast bars, cooking workstations, pantry, and even a mini dining or living room. Basically, your whole family can simply live in the kitchen with this much space.

Colorful kitchens

You can be more creative by using colorful styles of kitchens this 2020. You can try green as kitchen designers believe this is the trending kitchen color of the year.


Aside from considering the space and color of your kitchen, you also need to make sure that your materials for your kitchen are sustainable that can help save energy and manage waste as well. In this way, it’s not just helpful for you and your family but also to our planet.

Integrated appliances

To further maximize the space in your kitchen, you should also use integrated appliances. These integrated appliances are built-in units that are less seen by members of the family and the homeowner can highlight other parts of the kitchen such as kitchen cabinets, sink, countertops, and islands.

Smart kitchens

For the total package of your upgraded kitchen, you may upgrade yours into a smart one. Modern technology has been strongly influencing the kitchen designs nowadays. Save your time doing household chores by purchasing smart ovens, dishwasher and fridge.

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