Toronto: Why This Should Be Your Next City to Visit

Jobs fill our pockets but traveling fills our soul. After all those tiring hours we put in working we should take a trip and set ourselves loose a bit. Toronto is one of the best cities to consider and explore, as it is a cosmopolitan city which has so much to offer. Toronto is also known as one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world. It houses around 200 ethnic groups that speak more than 140 different languages, making this Ontario destination a world of its own. Greektown, Little Italy, Koreatown and Chinatown are all within city limits, making us feel as if we have traveled across half of the world. The city is also home to one of the tallest freestanding towers in the world, the CN Tower, and the world’s largest underground shopping mall, PATH. Italian-Canadian Poet, Pier Giorgio Di Cicco says, “Toronto is a city that has yet to fall in love with itself.”

The Torontonians

The first thing we consider when traveling is the nature and amicable of the people there. Torontonians, as people from Toronto are called, are very good at hospitality, warm and polite in their demeanor. The warmness of Torontonians makes us feel home, and apart from that, one out of every two Torontonians is born outside the city making the city extremely diverse and interesting.

The food:

It is natural to discover an overwhelming variety of food in Toronto which reflects the cultural and ethnic diversity serving from Indian to Chinese to Greek to peameal Canadian bacon and, of course, the humble maple syrup.

We will get to find the signature dish poutine which may have originated in the French-Canadian province of Quebec, but it is so popular that it is even considered as Canada’s unofficial national dish, and must be definitely tried.


We can admire Toronto’s beautiful skyline for hours as it is Canada’s commercial center. In the financial district, we can find the city’s finest and prominent buildings, for instance, over in Thornhill, Tridel, and Kirkor, architects are constructing a new two-building condominium development named Royal Bayview, it is set to build on the eastern edge of the Ladies’ Golf Club of Toronto. It will stand 12 to 14-stories long, offering residents a stunning view of the golf course. And along the corner of Yonge and Bloor Streets in downtown Toronto, real estate executive Sam Mizrahi and his team at Mizrahi Development are developing the city’s first supertall skyscraper called The One with 416 residential suites. It features top-of-line finishes and sleek “sky benches” that sit on the perimeter of the units, offering a perch to take in unparalleled views of the cityscape and Lake Ontario. The city also boasts the Art Gallery of Ontario, redesigned by famous architect Frank Gehry.

Toronto Islands:

We can take a trip to the Toronto Islands, it is only offshore from Toronto itself. We can indulge ourselves in sailing, swimming, or having fun rowing around the main island. If children are on board, they too can have an amusing time thanks to Centreville Amusement Park where the children can have endless fun on a countless number of rides.

We all know that “Life is short and the world is wide.” so why not explore the world while we still can.