Traits to look for in a neighbor when viewing homes for sale

When you’re viewing homes for sale in a new area of your city or a new state, you may be wondering if your neighbors are going to be people you want to live next too. After all, no one wants to live next to someone who often disrupts your home, constantly complains, or doesn’t keep their yard clear of clutter.

As you’re viewing a home on the market, here are some easy traits to look for in a neighbor to see if the community or street is one that will fit with your lifestyle.

Neighborly traits

Tidiness: Are the neighbors in the area tidy with their yards and homes? If you notice they’ve hidden their garbage and recycling bins away from the home or are not overly excessive with yard decorations (seasonal) then there’s a good chance your neighbors are tidy and will respect your home as well.

Lawn care: As you drive up to view your next potential home, take notice of the homes beside yours and across from yours. If the neighbors keep their lawns mowed and include landscape, you can tell they invest in their neighborhood and will likely be great neighbors to live by.

When someone cares about their curb appeal, they’ll work hard to make sure everyone else in the area does as well. This means you may not need to worry about loud parties or garbage being thrown on your side of the fence/across property lines.

Communication: When you are viewing the home do you notice neighbors outside that come up to you as you’re leaving to introduce themselves? Do the current homeowners mention if the neighbors have been quick to get in touch after a storm and damage has been done that would result in needing access to their property? Be sure to ask questions, especially if you plan on raising a family or already have children.