When Should You Replace Your Car’s Seatbelt?

No matter how slow you may be driving, or how short you think your drive is, it is an absolute must for you to wear your seatbelts. Wearing seatbelts can decrease the risk of fatalities in case of crashes by at least 50%. If you own a Mercedes, then you should know that seatbelts are among the most prided for Mercedes parts.

Inspecting your seatbelts for wear on a regular (even daily) basis can save your life and the life of those who are riding your car. Here are things you should look into

Check the fabric for wear

This may seem commonsensical but most car owners dismiss this because they think those loose threads and frays are only aesthetic flaws. Nothing could be more wrong. Your seatbelt’s efficiency is highly dependent on the quality of its fabric. This is also why it is only advisable for you to have your seatbelts replaced by authorized dealers of Merecedes parts.

Look at all the seatbelts in your car. Do they have any flaws? Even the slightest loose thread or frayed edge can cause rips or worse, impede the motion of your seatbelt during a crash. Do not just stop with the exposed parts of your seat belt. Retract the seatbelt fully to make sure that the whole roll is in perfect condition.

Asses the retraction and lock

You want your seatbelt to smoothly retract when you need to wear it or get out of it, but you also want the locks to be in perfect working condition. Fully pull out your seatbelts to make sure that nothing is getting snagged. Check if the seatbelt quickly retracts. Look at possibilities of twists. You do not necessarily need to replace seatbelts that are twisted unless the twisting has caused deformation which impeded the natural flow of movement for your seatbelt.

Checking the lock is easy. Just pull your seatbelt suddenly and then let it go. Sudden pulls or jolts should lock the seatbelt. This indicates that in case of a crash, your seatbelt would not just stretch and let you plummet to the windshield. It should automatically lock and keep you in place.

Check the buckles

The buckles of your seatbelts are just as important as the state of the fabric. Broken buckles can cause fatalities. Over time, your car’s seatbelt buckle may show discoloration or even rusting. This is a strong indication that it is time to see an authorized dealer of Mercedes parts. You must also inspect how easily the buckle clicks into place. Bent buckles can be very dangerous because it will compromise your safety during the drive.


Some vehicles may have seatbelts but they do not have height adjusters. This component is a necessity because a seatbelt that is not properly worn or fitted to your body can be detrimental to your safety. Your seatbelt should be in the middle of your shoulder and not too close to your neck. The bottom part of your seatbelt should not be over your stomach area. It should be on your lap. If the height adjuster is not sufficient to fit a small child, you need to but a proper car seat.

On airbags

It is important to note that air bags alone are not sufficient to keep you safe during the drive. Without a well-fitting seatbelt, air bags can even cause injuries or fatalities. Make sure that you wear your seatbelts even if your vehicle already has an airbag.

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