Transferring the glass and the best methods for covering it in easy lines

Transferring the glass is the most important during the transfer process, the house’s furniture, because there are many pieces that are used in the house and they are made of glass, so we have to learn more about the ways of transporting and packaging glass

There are many and many different pieces of glass in our house that are transported and each of them should have a specific transportation and packaging method, and these pieces are

Mirrors, glass, windows, and other glass pieces. The process of moving home glass is not an easy process

It is a risky process and we will try to figure out how to move the glass

How to transfer the glass and the steps involved in it

Glass packaging

For parts, such as glass, that are easy to break, packaging becomes very important

Therefore, we will know how to package the glass pieces to protect them from any damage

How to wrap cups

Certainly, there are many cups in our homes of all kinds, and therefore must be preserved during the process of moving furniture

As for the cup wrapping process, you can put the paper inside and wrap it also in the paper, which is mostly newspaper

Then the paper is attached to the adhesive tape and then placed in carton boxes, which are lined with paper to protect the cups

How to package and transport large size glass

For large items like mirrors, they are wrapped with paper and then coated with a thicker layer of paper

And the adhesive tape is placed, and each piece of glass must be separated from each other so as not to break any of them. Therefore, pieces of cardboard are placed between each of them.

How to laminate glass dishes during the transfer of glass

There are many and varied dishes in our homes, including glass dishes, and when wrapped, each one is individually wrapped.

Using the tabloon with fine paper and then stacked next to each other

So as not to leave any spaces, which leads to their movement during the transfer of furniture and puts them at risk of breakage

How to encapsulate frames

Newspaper is used in the process of wrapping paintings, pictures and frames, and the adhesive tape is placed on each piece

In order to maintain the packaging process, an insulator is placed between the parts to keep them from friction during transport

Glass packaging steps

Transfer the glass

Transfer the glass

Packaging of glass requires great skill and experience in order to be properly wrapped

Therefore, the following must be taken into consideration during the packaging process

Initially, it encapsulates the rare and important pieces, and the adhesive tape is placed on them, and a buffer must be placed between each piece

To prevent movement, this insulator is necessary for all parts during transportation. This insulator can be paper or cork pieces

It is important that each piece is placed individually and that the parts are not covered together

As for the cups after being wrapped, they can be placed inside each other, but it is better not to put large quantities in order not to break

It is important not to leave any voids inside the boxes that hold the glass pieces in order to protect the pieces from being broken

As for the materials used to protect the glass pieces in the luggage transport vehicle, the blankets for the transfer of luggage can be used

Or use the fabric so that the glass pieces are not damaged during transportation

It is better to use cork, as the luggage companies use a type of cork that has bubbles

It is one of the most suitable materials to protect glass pieces during the process of moving furniture

It is necessary to take into account all the observations that we mentioned in order for the process to transfer the glass safely

And without any losses in the pieces of glass that are important to maintain during the process of moving the furniture

To a new home, whether these pieces are mirrors or glass used in furniture, such as cupboard, or glass used in windows or doors

Or pieces of glass, or glass tablets of all of them must be preserved

The most important advice that helps to transfer glass and luggage in a proper way

 Maintaining the house during the transfer of the furniture

Transfer of luggage is one of the most difficult things, especially transporting glass, and it requires care and complete care not to expose the contents to breakage and damage

It is important to keep your home in good condition during the transfer of luggage, as the transfer of furniture and furniture will turn into a large state of movement

Which may turn into chaos if it is not well organized and this movement and moves of furniture

It is possible to damage parts of the house, such as floors, or damage the walls, so the home must be protected

Any damage we will provide in these lines some advice in order to keep your home intact while transporting the furniture

Protect the wooden floors

The floors in general are affected by the process of moving the furniture and it is one of the most floors that can be exposed to damage

The result of moving furniture on it is parquet floors or wooden floors, which are very expensive

It is inconceivable that any harm would be exposed to it, so that we need to change these floors

It is a very expensive process and you do not need any new expenses

In order to protect the wooden floors from the effects of the furniture transfer process, you can place cardboard paper on the floors

Until it completely brushes and protects it from any scratches or damages

Or plastic can be used if there is no cardboard, just as the tools must be used

Which helps move the furniture pieces without affecting the floors, such as skis, whether they are plastic or metal

Protect the walls

The walls of the house can be damaged during the transportation of furniture due to friction on the part of the pieces that are carried

And you need to make efforts to insert it or remove it outside the house because it is large in size

In order to avoid these frictions, blankets for the transportation of furniture must be used in order for the furniture pieces to be well wrapped

In the event that there is difficulty in removing the furniture from the door, it is better to remove it until the furniture comes out

Without causing damage to the door and in the event that it is difficult to remove the door, blankets can be placed On the frame of the door so as not to get worse

 Protection of lighting installations

It is necessary to keep your home lighting during the transfer of luggage, as there are a lot of chandeliers and light bulbs

Which must be protected from breakage due to furniture pieces, especially long or large pieces, so the following tips should be followed

It is important to know the length of the cut and the height of the roof of the house in order to avoid friction between them

This puts the lighting of the house in danger and breakage, and it is preferable when moving the long pieces that there are two workers and not left for one person only

Protecting floors when installing furniture

After the furniture arrives at the new home, it will need to be installed, such as installing the bedroom, and this process requires great care so that the floors of the house are not affected by

The use of mounting tools such as a hanger or using a hammer, as these tools will have a negative effect on the floors.

Whether it is marble or ceramic because it can be subjected to cracking, and therefore it is necessary to use a suitable cover

To protect floors, such as using old blankets or using thick paper

This method will help protect these floors that are very expensive and it is important to protect them

It is also important that you keep the floors clean because this contributes to the protection and cleanliness of the furniture

Because if the floors are dirty and the furniture is moved on, the furniture will get dirty and you do not need to make your furniture look bad.

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