Try These Coffee Traditions To Get You Into The Festive Spirit

During the Christmas season, people look for different ways to get into the festive mood. While there are many ways people can do this, but at the same time, one needs to relax with friends and family. Some coffee traditions from around the world can help a person get into the festive spirit.

Coffee in Italy

To enjoy a cup of coffee with someone in Italy, it is essential to order an espresso. This is a shot of coffee served in a smaller cup. The coffee is strong and will give a person some energy. Cappuccino is only enjoyed during the morning hours and is not consumed at any other time in the day.

Specialty Italian Coffee

Lavazza® a Modo Mio is a specialty Italian coffee that can be enjoyed at home. This coffee comes from organically grown seeds and can be made in a Nespresso pot at home. A person can enjoy the full flavor and they can get the bold taste a cup at a time.

Coffee in France

The French like to drink café au lait, which is a coffee made with hot milk. The day begins in France with a cup of this coffee. This drink is only ordered during the morning hours. A croissant is often eaten with this coffee for a complete French breakfast.

Coffee in Austria

The coffee drink in this country is called a mélange, which is similar to a cappuccino. The coffee begins with an espresso and is topped with milk that has been steamed of foamed milk. It can also be topped with whipped cream.

Coffee in Greece

The Greek coffee of choice is the frappe. This coffee is made with evaporated milk and cold water. The colder the water the more refreshing the drink will be. This coffee is often consumed during the hot times of the day.

Coffee in Ethiopia

Coffee in Ethiopia is more than just a drink. A coffee ceremony is a big part of this culture. It takes two to three hours to make this coffee. The coffee beans are roasted and then the process of preparing the coffee begins. The coffee is then served. The coffee, which is called buna, is made with a little salt or even butter. Sugar is not used. The people of Ethiopia take coffee drinking very seriously and even say that coffee is their bread.

Coffee in Mexico

In Mexico, the coffee is called café de olla and is made in clay pots. While the coffee is brewing in these pots, cinnamon sticks and raw cane sugar called piloncillo is added to it. The cinnamon brings out a bold flavor in the coffee.

Coffee in Ireland

The Irish drink coffee to help warm them up. Coffee is often consumed with a shot of Irish whiskey, sugar, and then it is topped with whipped cream.

Coffee in Australia

People in Australia like to drink their coffee in a form known as flat white. This is similar to a latte. Steamed milk is poured over a shot of hot espresso. There is more coffee than more lattes but it has a similar taste.

Coffee in Turkey

This coffee takes some time to make. Finely ground coffee is boiled in a copper pot known as a cezve. The coffee is often boiled with sugar and is served after meals. Turkish candies are often served with this coffee.

These are some of the coffee traditions from around the world. While other countries may drink their coffee a little differently, the entire world likes to begin their day with coffee. When visiting other areas, a person should take the time to sit down and order the local coffee drink.

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