Two broad categories of warp knitting

Warp knitting is not merely a matter of manufacturing materials for garments, but it is a work of art. The manufacturers are artists in this regard, forming pronounced loops in well-defined vertical direction, and creating Warp Knit Fabric of the finest quality. If you run a business of these fabrics, you must be aware of the fact that besides skilled laborers, you need high-end machines. As far as warp knitting is concerned, there are two broad categories that are generally being considered by the manufacturers in the industry. They are being discussed briefly in the following points. 

Raschel Knitting Method

This particular procedure of warp knitting is performed by delicately using a barrage of latch needles. The machines have latch needles that are placed according to a set plan. Modern knitting machines have the attribute of adjusting the placement in between the needles without giving you any fuss. The needles generally do the work using a steel plate. There is a downward pull as the process is initiated and continued, completing loops, yet preventing them to move upward. Guide bars in the set up continuously feed the specific yarn to the latch needles in a periodic or cyclic manner. As the old loops are gradually cast off, new loops are formed in the process. 

Tricot Knitting Method

When you are involved in the process of tricot knitting of warp-knit fabrics, you use a set of bearded needles in the machine set up for the production. The tricot method has fine ribs, running vertically on fabric’s front portion and horizontally on its back area. As a Warp Knitted Fabric Manufacturers in India, if you are interested to manufacture fabrics that are light in nature, you can conveniently opt for tricot knitting process. Most of the machines that you come across to conduct the procedure have a couple of guide bars.

Which method to choose?

It depends on your business strategy, market demand, budget and other relevant factors the kind of knitting method you want to employ. Some of the manufactures go for Raschel procedures while there are others who prefer the Tricot knitting methods. There are also manufactures that employ both the methods in order to make the production line more versatile. It is preferable to have machine set-ups that are able to make use of both these procedures. It will help you to grow business at an accelerated pace. 

Factoring the needles

As mentioned earlier, each of the method uses needles that are different in make and function. The Raschel method uses latch needles whereas the Tricot method uses bearded needles. You should be careful to use the needles in an optimal manner and change theme regularly. The maintenance of the needles is an important measure to take. Avoid using blunt and rusted needles if you want to have top quality finished products. Moreover, always have some additional needles in the stock ready for replacing the older needles in the set-up.

Follow the manual

It is crucial that when you set up the framework for your business, you must go through the manual and diligently follow its instructions.