Uncovering The Pvc & PVC-Nitrile Foam Tapes.

PVC foam tapes are made up of Polyvinyl Chloride or a combination of PVC and Nit-riles. These foam tapes provide perfect sealing against dust, air, moisture and insulation against high temperatures, vibrations or impact. These highly compressible and flexible tapes come in varying densities and thicknesses. They can bind easily to sharp curves and uneven surfaces. They are the most commonly found foam-based tapes in the market. They have numerous properties, benefits, and applications. Let’s find out more.

Characteristic Features:

They are known for some spectacular characteristics that make them so useful. Here we have tried listing some features that make these foam tapes preferable over other such products.

  1. Closed Cell Construct:

The closed-cell structure of these foam tapes enables them to bind perfectly to all kinds of surfaces and materials.

  1. Lightweight and Flexible:

These foam tapes are lightweight which reduces their storage and transportation costs. They are extremely flexible and can be used in all kinds of bends and edges too.

  1. High Heat Resistance:

They provide a high amount of resistance to heat and can withstand extremely high temperatures without being burnt or deformed.

  1. High Resistance to Chemicals and other solvents:

These PVC foam tapes exhibit high resistance to chemical exposure and other solvents thereby proving to be extremely durable and long-lasting.

  1. Sound Absorption:

These PVC and PVC-Nit-rile foam tapes display excellent sound absorption and dampening properties.

  1. High resistance to oil, grease, and moisture:

These tapes are highly resistant to oil and grease and will not diffuse in the water vapour in the air.

  1. Flame Retardant:

These tapes in an eventuality do not catch fire so easily as they are flame and fire-resistant.

  1. Impermeability:

These foam tapes are impermeable and as such do not absorb water or moisture from the air.

Never-Ending Benefits and Applications:

  • Due to the above-listed features that these PVC and PVC-Nit-rile foam tapes exhibit they are full of benefits which we can further list as below:
  • Due to their heat resistant properties, they are used as insulators in HVAC systems and other industrial applications needing heat insulation.
  • These PVC foam tapes lockout air, dust, moisture or oil, etc. Due to their closed-cell structures, these foam tapes are the primary materials used in sealing and gasket.
  • Due to the low absorption of moisture and water, they can be used for the lining of moisture and water barriers.
  • Due to their sealing properties, they are in wide use in sealing of all kinds of pipes, tanks or ducts.
  • Due to their soundproofing properties, these PVC foam tapes can be used for acoustic insulation and dampening of high noise levels or wherever soundproofing is necessary.
  • Their shock absorption properties of the tapes can be used for cushioning and these tapes can be used to line products and materials to reduce the impact of any fall or shock.

As such, PVC foam tapes are the best while considering all kinds of sealing and taping applications. They come in both adhesive and non-adhesive variants. Choose what suits you the best from the best.