Understanding More About Birth Control and Various Methods Available

The main purpose of using birth control is to help you plan for your family. It also enables you to space your kids well so that each one of them can breastfeed fully and still give the mother enough time to rest after giving birth, heal, and gain energy before thinking of being pregnant once more. That is why the best East Village family medicine physician offers comprehensive care for women, including various birth control options.

What are birth control options available?

The health care providers offer a full selection of the birth control options available to help you meet your family planning goals. They include diaphragms, birth control shots, intrauterine devices, and oral birth control pills. Therefore to determine the birth control option that suits your unique needs, the doctor performs a physical examination and reviews your medical history. He then provides you with the most effective and safest option depending on your age, health, and family planning choices.

How do IUDs work?

It is a family planning method where an IUD is fitted to your uterus to prevent the sperm and ova from meeting, hence preventing fertilization. The device is usually implanted during an in-office visit. Generally, there are two types of IUDs available. The first one is copper IUDs which create inflammation on the uterus lining, thus creating a toxic environment for the sperm. The IUD can be used to prevent pregnancy for ten years.

The second type of IUD is the hormonal one which usually thins the uterine lining, making it quite difficult for the sperm to travel. The hormones in this type of IUD can also make the cervical mucus thicken, thus preventing the release of an egg and ovulation. Unlike copper IUDs, hormonal IUDs can prevent pregnancy for approximately three to five years, depending on the type of choice. Additionally, it is important to note that an IUD is effective in preventing pregnancy but cannot prevent you from contracting sexually transmitted illnesses. Therefore, you will be required to use condoms to prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

Are birth control pills safe?

Typically, birth control pills are very safe and effective in preventing pregnancy and can also be used in regulating irregular or heavy periods. Women over the age of thirty-five years and smokers should avoid birth control pills because some of them cannot tolerate hormones. Similarly, it is essential for them to avoid these hormonal pills because they increase the risk of health complications like stroke and blood clots.

What are the benefits of birth control injections?

An example of a birth control injection is the Depo shot which is an effective method of birth control that you are given after every three months. The shot usually contains the hormone progestin that interferes with ovulation by preventing the release of your egg. One of the major benefits of this shot is that it is convenient because you do not have to remember to take a pill on a daily basis.

Therefore, if you are interested in getting some birth control pills or want some of the most popular birth control options available, call or visit Matt Pabis, MD, today for more information.