Wakatobi Indonesia

Until lately, the Wakatobi Island in Sulawesi Tenggara Province were known chiefly due to they are underwater Earth, in addition to Wakatobi Dive Resort – the only 5-star dive resort in Indonesia. Wakatobi Dive Resort is available with a personal chartered Garuda flight twice weekly from Bali, and Khiri Travel who is a partner will happily organize your stay, your flights, and a few other pre- or post itineraries in Sulawesi, Bali or elsewhere in Indonesia. Given that Indonesia’s national carrier, Garuda has started flying to Vanga – the main island of Wakatobi – access has improved tremendously, thus bring it within reach of the pioneering traveler. 

As soon as it’s a popular spot to go for diving, this exceptionally isolated group of islands – Wangi Wangi, Kaledupa, Tomia, and Binongko – possess a great deal more to offer. In addition to the beautiful subtropical forests, pristine beaches and the rich, local traditions of the islanders, there is also the outstanding Tradition of the Bajo people, who live outside the coast of the island in sea homes on stilts. Khiri Travel has investigated this. Little visited a collection of islands and might offer some fantastic multiple-day itineraries. In Wangi Wangi’s, Liya village the people were traditionally headed by a king, famous area as meantu’u. Several temples protected the Kingdom of Liya that could nonetheless be seen today. 

A stroll through the village itself will get you familiar with the neighborhood weaving business, or you can take a kayak throughout the bay to visit a sexy natural spring. On the neighboring island of Kaledupa, we visit local villagers and learn traditional methods of cooking over rock fire, followed by the presentation of traditional dance. 

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