Watch Chinese Dramas! These 4 Sites for the Learners to Get Dramatic

Imagine getting your favourite snack, sinking into your favourite chair, kicking off your shoes, and turning on your TV or device as well as learning Chinese! And, thanks to its magical abilities, you can watch almost anything, including Asian shows.

Watching television from Mandarin Chinese-speaking countries has become a popular method of learning for English-speaking students due to the overwhelming international popularity of dramas, or dramatic TV series.

Dramas can help you improve your listening skills. Many people agree that if you don’t hear a language spoken often enough, you’ll forget what you know.

Furthermore, repeating words and phrases from drama dialogue can help those words and phrases stick in your mind.

Because these shows are almost entirely based on conversations, you’ll frequently hear common phrases that are well worth memorising and can be used in a variety of situations.

With all of its advantages and the convenience of simply watching and listening rather than studying, this method of learning has proven to be not only effective, but also enjoyable

However, because many Mandarin learners are based outside of Asia, it can be difficult to locate and watch these shows.

So, where are the best places to watch Chinese dramas?

Here are four of the most secure, dependable, and subtitle-friendly websites available online.


Yes, YouTube has almost anything you can think of. Videos of music. Tutorials on how to apply makeup. Videos of cats. It can be difficult to navigate a website’s wild and massive world, especially one with years’ worth of content being uploaded on a daily basis. However, some newcomers to the world of Asian dramas may be surprised to learn that there are full-length ซีรี่ย์จีน พากย์ไทย available on YouTube for free, with subtitles.

CN Drama is maintained by NetDrama, a media company, and happens to be the English type of their YouTube channel, which use to be totally in Chinese and which, relied on your level, you might find suitable. They upload mainland Chinese dramas regularly for those in the Chinese diaspora, for example Malaysia and Taiwan, but their CN Drama channel happens to be meant at English speakers, with titles in English and subtitles obtainable instantaneously post each upload. They have historical/costume and contemporary dramas both on their channel.


Netflix is yet another site with an abundance of content. I mean, a lot. At the very least, it’s geared toward TV shows and movies, with many of them being international. As a result, learners are able to narrow down their options a little more. Netflix is meticulous in its attention to detail and caters to its audience’s preferences.


This is an anime-focused website, as indicated by the name. But don’t be fooled by its appearance—a there’s lot more goodness inside this tasty roll (yay for sushi metaphors)! They’ve decided to include a variety of media in addition to anime and manga. The site also has a large selection of East Asian films and dramas.

Because it is a more premium service, the majority of the content on the site is subtitled in English. Several shows from Mandarin Chinese-speaking countries such as China and Singapore are available, though the selection is limited.