What are Oncology Services?

Cancer is a collective name for different diseases resulting from abnormal cell division, destroying healthy body tissue. The problem can occur in a specific area such as the cervix and spread to other body parts, including the liver, lungs, and bones. Fortunately, oncology in Sebring offers cancer screening, a service that allows your specialist to detect cancer at its onset stages when its management is easier and more effective. Although most people second guess the idea of cancer screening, its benefits cannot be overstated, including improved chances of survival.

What is oncology?

Oncology is a medical specialty that deals with cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. Various oncology specialists depend on one’s area of specialization. For example, medical oncologists use treatment approaches such as immunotherapy, chemotherapy, and target therapy. In contrast, radiation oncologists direct the beam of x-rays on a particular area to deal with cancer cells. As the name suggests, surgical oncologists remove cancer cells through surgery and help diagnose cancer by performing biopsies. Here is a detailed review of the different cancer treatments that oncologists offer.

Radiation therapy

For this approach, a beam of light focuses on a particular point in the body with the abnormal cells. The intense heat destroys the cells’ genetic material that facilitates their growth and division. Although some healthy cells get affected during treatment, radiotherapy aims to destroy more cancer cells and less healthy ones. It can be used as the primary treatment, or your specialist may combine it with other approaches such as chemotherapy. Like chemotherapy, radiation therapy can be used before treatment to minimize tumor size after the excision of a tumor to get rid of remaining malignant cells.


Chemotherapy uses potent drugs to stop cancer progression by stopping the growth and division of abnormal cells.  Although this treatment focuses on cancer cells, it can cause damage to healthy cells in your body. Chemotherapy can be solely used as the primary cancer treatment or can be combined with other methods. Specialists can use chemotherapy to shrink tumors in preparation for other treatments such as surgery or to destroy any remaining cancer cells after surgery (adjuvant chemotherapy. The type of drug and dosage your specialist uses depends on various factors such as cancer stage, age, general health, and type of cancer.


A type of cancer treatment uses biological or processed substances to boost your immune system to either destroy the abnormal cells or prevent their spread throughout the body. Your oncologist can use immunotherapy as the only treatment or incorporate other methods. If your treatment plan comprises immunotherapy, you may need to discuss with your specialist which type of immunotherapy is suitable for you, treatment goals, possible side effects, and how often you will need treatment.

Besides cancer treatment, oncologists help patients manage the side effects, track their response to treatment, and maintain general well-being.

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