What are the Best Teeth Whitening Strips?

There are so many teeth whitening products available in chemists and online that it can be very difficult to know which – if any – will be at all effective. Even then, it can feel impossible to track down the exact formula that is best for your needs.

For most people, the number one choice would be a treatment that is quick, straightforward, affordable, clean, fast acting and safe – as well as highly effective. That seems a lot to ask!

The Icy Bear Dental brand, figure-headed by cosmetic dentist and Real Housewives of Cheshire star Dr Hanna Kinsella, has recently launched Icy Bear Teeth Whitening Strips – a super convenient and highly effective treatment that can leave your teeth up to seven shades whiter within two weeks.

So, along with these great results, why are Icy Bear Dental Teeth Whitening Strips the best you can buy?

Easy to Use

This treatment is ideal for busy people who simply don’t have the time for fuss or extensive cleanups. The strips dissolve in the mouth within 15 minutes, leaving nothing to clear away, so you can go about your business while they are taking effect.

The strips adhere directly to your teeth and won’t slip around, making them totally stress free and intuitive to use.

A Healthy Option

Unlike many other treatments that make use of harsh chemicals, Icy Bear Teeth Whitening Strips are gentle on your enamel and won’t cause sensitivity of the teeth or gums.

Superb Results

After just 14 consecutive treatments, your teeth will be up to seven shades whiter. Stains from coffee, wine and other discolouring substances will be diminished as effectively as if you had utilised 6% hydrogen peroxide strips, without the chemical content.

Extra Perks

Not only do Icy Bear Teeth Whitening Strips perform superbly when it comes to brightening your smile, but they also have antibacterial properties, which means they can work as a part of your daily oral care routine help to fight some of the causes of tooth decay and keep your breath beautifully fresh.


Studies have shown that this at-home treatment can be as effective as in-person procedures performed by a professional cosmetic dentist, with teeth appearing up to seven times whiter within two weeks.

While it is likely that you would have to return to a clinic on multiple occasions to achieve the best results, spending considerable amounts each time, a pack of 56 Icy Bear tooth whitening strips costs just £39.99, allowing you to achieve those results four times over.

For best results, Icy Bear Teeth Whitening Strips should be used with Icy Bear Diamond Dust Toothpaste. You can find both products on the Icy Bear website and in selected dentistry practices around the UK.

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