How Long Does it Take to Complete a 150 Hour TEFL Course Online?

If you’re considering taking the advanced 150 hour TEFL course online with TEFL UK, you may be wondering exactly how it works. Exactly how long do you have to complete the work required? It says 150 hours, but how are they distributed?

Most learners complete the course within 1-2 months, but the honest answer is: it’s completely up to you.

The TEFL 150 hour online course is set up so that students can work, manage childcare and attend to any additional responsibilities besides. This means that you can plan your study schedule yourself.

The Modules

The 150 hour TEFL masters course is an advanced learning programme that is broken down into 17 modules. Those modules are:

  • 1: Starting Your TEFL Journey
  • 2: Grammatical Awareness
  • 3: Lesson Planning
  • 4: Building a Lesson Plan
  • 5: Using Games & Controlled Practise
  • 6: Lexis, Phonology and Functional Language
  • 7: Receptive Skills – Listening
  • 8: Receptive Skills – Reading
  • 9: Productive Skills – Speaking (and Vocabulary)
  • 10: Productive Skills – Writing
  • 11: Grammar Plus + DVD Lesson
  • 12: Teaching Children
  • 13: Classroom Survival Tips
  • 14: Teaching Large Classes Video Module
  • 15: Teaching Exam Classes in Different Ways
  • 16: Lesson Planning Plus
  • 17: Testing and Assessment

These modules will vary slightly in length, but we recommend arranging your studies to focus on one module at a time.

Your Resources

As a part of your course, you’ll have access to tutor led video presentation and a bonus shareable video introduction unit, a lesson planning ebook, ongoing online support, an alumni portal, a TEFL jobs board and free job placement service.

Your Future

What will you get out of studying with TEFL UK for 150 hours? As you can see from the module list above, one key benefit of the course is the mastery of a wide range of different approaches to Teaching English as a Foreign Language to students of all ages in a range of contexts.

Once you have completed the course, you’ll receive a full accredited TEFL qualification and certificate, accepted worldwide. This will make you highly employable as a teacher of English.

You’ll also have lifetime access to the course materials shared with you, so you will never run out of resources and means of support.

Other Options

The 150 hour advanced course is just one of the many options available at TEFL UK. You can also choose:

  • A 120 hour professional online course
  • 140, 170 or 240 hour combined courses
  • A 220 hour specialist course. 

There are also additional areas of study you can pursue alongside your main course. These include a 20 hour Teaching Practicum or an intensive 70 hour Business English course.

Get Started

To learn more about any of the courses offered by TEFL UK, simply contact our team today. We’ll be happy to provide any advice or guidance you may require.

Alternatively, please feel free to enrol straight away. You’ll be able to access all of our materials using your laptop, mobile or tablet.