What are the Diseases Caused by House Flies?

House flies are known to be the commonest flies in the world. They are present everywhere and infest the place wherever they go. People know them as irritating flies and try to get rid of them the moment they notice the flies.

Pesticides and chemicals are used to stop the flies from entering the living and working premises, but not all measures are effective. People commonly use fly screens that are fixed on the doors and windows to obstruct flies from entering the premises. You get the best quality screens and other mesh products at affordable rate from UK Flyscreens.

You can know more about the reliability of their products by reading the reviews posted by their customers. Once you buy from them, the screens will last for many years providing protection from any kind of flies entering your home or working space. Hence, you remain safe by not experiencing the symptoms of diseases spread by the house flies.

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Ways house flies infect human body resulting in illness:

The diseases spread by house flies are many like Cholera, Dysentery, Conjunctivitis, Gastroenteritis, Tuberculosis and Typhoid fever. They can activate food borne ailments as well. You find them more in places that are close to animal rearing. Some pollute the food and drink we consume thus a person feels sick after eating the infected food.

The flies breed on rotten things, human and animal faeces. Their feeding habits leads to formation of harmful microbes in their body that eventually gets transmitted to the edibles we eat as flies later on infest our food. Once the flies are in close proximity with any kind of food, they will start feeding using their tongue and even defecate there itself.

They breed on decaying natural objects and in places that is full of organic waste or where the drain water remains stagnant. Once you use the contaminated vessels, eat polluted edibles or touch the places earlier infested by the flies there are chances of you falling ill.

How to remain safe from the infestation of house flies:

  • Keeping your surroundings clean. Never allow any decaying things to rot nearby your residing place.
  • You need to make sure your drainage system is working smoothly and there isn’t any leakage. It is best to clear away any stagnant water like in puddles near your home.
  • Make sure to keep your place hygienic. You can use spraying pesticides composed of natural materials to spray at least weekly once in all rooms, shelves and in the corners.
  • The most effective way is to prevent the house flies entering your home and working area. You can fix screens protecting from flies on windows and doors.
  • Need to store food items properly to prevent the chances of flies infesting the edibles. You need to keep the cooking space clean and follow the whole process of hygiene meant for keeping places totally free from pests and insects.

Prevention is better than cure, thus it is best to take all measures to safe guard yourself and your loved ones from house flies infestation.