What are the incredible benefits of using height adjusting desks?

The health impacts of living a sedentary lifestyle are highly devastating and well-known. People who spend most of their time sitting at home or office tend to develop higher risks of cardio problems, cancer, and type II diabetes. Sitting for prolonged periods can cause lower back pain and posture problems. Your spine tends to get affected badly. Aiterminal’s Desk Frame lets you switch between standing and sitting by allowing height and width adjustments. It has a dual motor which allows better stabilization, flexible adjustments, and produces less noise during adjustments. Also, they have been designed to resist stains and scratches.

Height-adjusting desks are modern installations in new offices. It allows you to sit, stand, and work comfortably. The right body posture is important not only for blood circulation but also to stay alert. Adjustable desks are a great option as it offers wonderful health benefits.

Reduces back pain

There’s a direct link between lower back pain and a sedentary lifestyle. Office workers who spend 8 hours a day usually complaints about back pain and backache. Standing desks offer great benefits to the workers by allowing them to switch between sitting and standing. It has been found in studies that people having back pain have seen significant improvement in just 4 weeks by using standing desks.

Improves overall wellbeing

Standing desk frames improve your overall wellbeing by reducing stress and fatigue. Also, it boosts up the energy levels as it allows you flexible movement. A sedentary lifestyle is the main cause of anxiety and depression. With adjustable desks, you can switch between standing and sitting which also helps in improving your wellbeing as well as better productivity at the workplace.

Enhances Productivity levels

One major concern for people who are unfamiliar with the use of adjustable desks is that it can affect their productivity levels at the workplace. However, those who have mastered the art of using adjustable desks have shown a positive impact on their performance, including higher typing speed.

Prevents weight gain

Seating all day can lead to excessive weight gain because you sit all day long and there’s no calorie burn at all. Prolonged sitting can cause several health issues like cardiovascular problems, type II diabetes, and other problems. More movement means more calorie burn. A sedentary lifestyle can cause numerous health problems and if you wish to live a healthy life, try using automatic standing desks.