7 Amazing Benefits of Playing the Piano

Music has soothed people since the beginning of its invention. The comforting tunes and melody made people look into their deepest emotion and brought their pleasant memories– the thing they wanted to remember the most. Hence, people invented musical instruments to create beautiful sounds that will console them. For instance, the piano was invented during the 16th century to the 17th century by Bartolomeo Cristofori. And since then, people learned how to play it, and musicians have produced classical music that people listen up to this day.

In the present time, there are millions of people who can play the piano. The love for music is still strong and powerful. Therefore people make music to be by your side whenever you feel lonely, happy, inspired, passionate and many more human feelings. That’s why it’s normal to want to play the piano because of its musical benefits. For sure, you’ve heard many good things about the advantages of playing the piano and consequently, you enrolled yourself on a piano lesson.

Enrolling in a Piano Lesson

Once you enrol in a piano lesson, you must know that there are piano rentals in Singapore. You can rent a piano as you study it. This way, you can check if you are really into playing the piano. While learning, piano tuning is also essential because it will help you get the right key to produce beautiful melodies. Well, if you think playing the piano is not for you, then you can invest in an autoplay piano so that you can cherish the music while being played for you.

See, there are plenty of ways you can listen to the piano. You can study it, or simply just let someone play it for you. It’s your choice. Moving forward, allow this article to show you the benefits of playing the piano while using piano rentals in Singapore.

Benefits of Playing Piano

1) Ease the Stress

As mentioned above, listening to the piano soothes your soul. What more if you are the one playing it. Playing the piano lowers your blood pressure, thus making you feel more positive and energized. What’s better is that you can buy an autoplay piano so it can play music for you. For that reason, you can relieve stress in two different ways: you play the piano or an autoplay piano. Regardless of your choice, music is still music, and if it alleviates your stress, then invest in it.

2) Improves Concentration

Playing the piano requires you to have a split concentration. You must use your hands and eyes while playing. Therefore, your concentration will improve eventually. This way, you’ll have a sharper focus and memory. However, if you find this hard, there are piano rentals, so you can try if the piano is really for you. Don’t worry if it’s not for you! There are many more skills you can master. Remember, have patience finding it!

3) Easy to Play

Contrary to popular belief, playing the piano is not difficult. It does not involve physical pain, unlike playing the guitar you will develop calluses on your fingers. You’ll just have to press the key and sitto play the piano. To further make it easier, you should know that there are piano tuning services that will help you produce pleasant melodies and sound. On top of that, a professional pianist will tune your piano at Steinway Gallery Singapore. In doing so, playing the piano will bring you joy and comfort!

4) Good for Physical Health

Regularly playing the piano has different physical and physiological advantages to the musicians. The physical advantages are sharpening your fine motor skills, improving dexterity and hand-eye coordination. In general, playing the piano can reduce heart and respiratory rates, lower blood pressure and increase immune response. Also, playing the piano can make your hands and arm muscles stronger compared to non-player. To add, there are piano rentals in Singapore for people who don’t have a piano, so they can experience these benefits.

5) Enhance Aural Awareness

Playing the piano can improve your aural skills regardless of your age. Playing the piano trains you to recognize intervals, chords, and tones. Additionally, it helps you to develop a sense of pitch. Remember, whenever you start young or old, taking a piano lesson will improve your aural awareness! Will aural awareness help me in my daily life? Yes! It will help you identify different sounds when listening to other languages and help you hear while there is a noisy background. Better yet, go to your piano rentals and start your lesson today!

6) Accept Criticism Gracefully

While in a piano lesson, the teacher will give positive feedback as well as constructive criticism. Receiving criticism can damage your confidence, however, playing the piano can help you recognize that criticism is a way to help you become a better person! Not only that, it will help you ignore unnecessary criticism from other people because you know how to distinguish between negative and constructive criticism. Nevertheless, playing the piano is one of the most beneficial things you can do for yourself.

7) Brings People Together

Aside from the physical and cognitive benefits of playing the piano, you can bring your family and friends together while you play. Music transcends age, gender, ethnicity and status. Therefore, it brings people together with one goal to feel their emotions deeply — happiness, hope, inspiration and joy.

Why Piano Rentals?

Piano rentals offer you to find the right instrument to fit your needs, test your commitment levels, rent before purchase and determine which piano fits your home. So, while you take your lesson see how piano rentals can help you. After your piano lesions and piano rentals, you can decide if you want to buy your permanent piano. If that is so, visit Steinway Gallery in Singapore at their website https://www.steinway-gallery.com.sg/ and see their piano tuning and other services!