What are Thermal Imaging Surveys?

Thermal imaging surveys have a range of purposes, from tracking down thermal leaks to locating electrical faults. But what exactly are they, and how does thermal imaging work?

In this article, the team at Red Current – experts in thermal imaging, with specialisms including the undertaking of surveys along with thermal imaging camera sales and hire – explain exactly what a survey of this kind actually is and how it could benefit you.

Thermal Imaging: What Does it Mean?

The term “thermal imaging” refers to the generation of visualisations that indicate where you might find colder or hotter patches within a particular space.

Infrared cameras are used to capture images of a certain area, with sensors producing a “heat map” of that area, which can then be analysed as part of a report.

The images produced by thermal surveys assign colours to indicate certain temperature levels. Most commonly, brighter colours such as reds, oranges and yellows indicate higher temperatures, while colours such as blues and purples symbolise lower temperatures.

How do Thermal Imaging Surveys Work?

The process involved in a thermal imaging survey may vary depending on whether you have hired specialists to handle the survey on your behalf or you’ve arranged thermal imaging camera hire in order to undertake the survey yourself.

Generally, however, surveys of this kind will involve recording data and images in predetermined areas using a specially chosen camera. Once sufficient information has been recorded, it can be used to generate a report.

The thermal imaging cameras available from Red Current come with specialist software that can be used to carefully analyse the images from the survey.

Why Opt for Thermal Imaging?

There are many benefits to the use of infrared imaging when refurbishing or maintaining a building. Firstly, it’s a great way of quickly and easily finding out a huge range of information about a space using just one tool. 

For example, thermal imaging equipment can be used to seek out areas of poor insulation, locate potentially dangerous problems with a property’s wiring and survey a location for evidence of roosting bats!

Secondly, infrared imaging can help you to explore issues and come up with solutions without employing expensive, dangerous and destructive exploratory approaches. You’ll be able to see “into” walls and floors without damaging them, making everything quicker, cleaner, cheaper and safer.

One particularly handy aspect of the thermal imaging options available from Red Current is that you can decide whether you’d like a specialist to undertake the survey for you – or whether you would benefit from obtaining your own equipment to use on an ongoing basis.

You can book a professional survey or purchase your own new or used thermal camera directly from us. Alternatively, you can hire equipment on a short term basis, along with the relevant software.

If you’re going to be using an infrared camera yourself, you’ll be able to benefit from a demonstration from one of our in-house experts, as well as a handy tutorial guide.

For more information, contact Red Current today.