How Can Quartz Crystals Benefit You in 2021?

Crystal quartz is a naturally occurring mineral that can also be produced synthetically to precise specifications.

Because of its unique properties, quartz has a wide range of applications and offers numerous benefits across many industries. In this article, the specialists at EuroQuartz – leading UK producers of quartz crystals, crystal oscillators and related equipment – explain more.

Read on to find out just a few of the ways in which your company could make use of quartz crystals in 2021.


Small quartz crystals are used for a number of purposes within the electronic engineering industry. You’ll find them in a range of computing devices and tablets, as well as mobile phones.

They can produce electrical signals with a constant frequency, generated as a result of the crystal vibrating, making them highly reliable.

Electronic instruments, such as synthesisers, often make use of crystal quartz oscillators to produce sound.This is achieved by amplifying the sound of the vibrations.


The regularity of a quartz crystal’s vibration is also what makes it a vital component of wristwatches and other timekeeping devices. 

In the case of a watch, its battery produces an electrical charge that distorts the quartz, prompting it to emit its own piezoelectric current and begin vibrating in perfectly regular oscillations. 

This keeps the watch motor moving at a perfectly steady rate, enabling the device to keep perfect time.

For this reason, quartz crystals are regularly used in industries that require precise timekeeping and time-related measurement, including the medical field.

Radio Frequency Generation

Quartz crystals can also be used to generate radio signals from anywhere, without a need to be connected to a mains power source or a set network. 

As long as multiple radio transmitters and receivers are able to connect to the same frequency, their users will be able to communicate across a significant distance with no interruption.

For this reason, quartz crystal and quartz oscillators are widely used in the defence, aerospace and telecoms industries – and this will likely continue to be the case for decades to come.

Because modern technology allows us to produce and cut quartz crystals to the most precise of specifications, manufacturers such as EuroQuartz are capable of building oscillators with exceptionally accurate properties for a huge range of different purposes.

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