What do Babysitters Do?

Finding a decent babysitter is a difficult undertaking for any parent. A mom wants to choose a competent, experienced, and trustworthy babysitter so that she may leave her children in the babysitter’s care with confidence. Babysitters should have basic childcare training to ensure they can handle their obligations and responsibilities. Overall, babysitting requires a person to be friendly, prompt, flexible, and patient.

Here are some responsibilities you can expect when employing the services of a babysitter in Singapore.

Safety is the #1 Priority

Of all babysitter skills and obligations, a child’s safety should be the top concern. A parent is constantly concerned about her child’s safety. Thus, a babysitter must safeguard the children from any bodily damage, whether in the house or with the child somewhere. The babysitter should keep an eye out for any things in the house or playground that might hurt the youngsters. To minimise mishaps, toys should be carefully placed after playtime. A babysitter should keep the children in her care safe from strangers and dangerous situations.

Housekeeping Fundamentals

A babysitter should expect to help with minor housework. Taking care of youngsters may be dirty, and babysitters must constantly clean up. You are obligated as a babysitter to keep the child clean and clean up cutlery and baby bedding. A babysitter should always leave the house clean. Some parents may request that you perform some housework after the children have gone to bed; additional money may be possible for such an agreement.

Emergency Planning

A mom is relieved to hear that her babysitter is well-prepared in the event of an emergency. One of a babysitter’s primary responsibilities is to be prepared for emergencies. Every babysitter should be trained in emergency procedures such as first aid and CPR. She should also enquire about the medical histories of the children in her care to be prepared for emergencies. A babysitter should have a list of key phone numbers and emergency contacts for the local ambulance service, fire department, poison control, and police. Include any safety experience you have in the description of your babysitting profile.

Involving Activities

A babysitter must also provide entertaining activities for the youngsters in her care. A babysitter should be familiar with indoor and outdoor activities that promote children’s creativity while also improving their physical health. When the infant awakens, the mom wants the babysitter to keep the kid entertained. The babysitter should research activities and games appropriate for the age range of the children they are caring for. These encounters will aid in the formation of a link between her and the children. Educational activities are even better, as acting as a teacher is one of the finest attributes a babysitter can have.

Feeding the Children

A babysitter’s primary responsibility is to ensure that the children she babysits are fed. In the case of smaller children, the parents will instruct the babysitter on feeding times and meals, and the babysitter must follow the guidelines. The babysitter, on the other hand, should be able to monitor the children and determine whether or not they are hungry. In the case of older children, it is frequently the job of the babysitter to prepare meals and serve the youngsters. Therefore, the babysitter must have basic culinary abilities and be familiar with different food habits. She should also be familiar with basic food safety practices, such as how to avoid choking.