What is Industrial Flooring?

Quest LTD are specialist providers of industrial flooring to a range of professional sectors, including retail, manufacturing, hospitality, engineering and many more besides.

Based in Warrington but delivering our high quality products and installation services far and wide across the UK, we’re the first port of call for any business who needs a major flooring overhaul.

So, what exactly is industrial flooring? What are the different available types and which is likely to be best for my business? The Quest team will answer those questions and more in this article.

What is the Purpose of Industrial Flooring?

Many businesses undertake heavy duty operations within their premises, so the flooring used at these sites needs to be resistant to wear and capable of supporting high levels of footfall and the constant function of heavy machinery.

At the same time, it is important for organisations to project a highly professional and cohesive image – so the flooring they choose for their premises must look great, suit their brand and be easy to clean and maintain.

Health and safety is another major issue in workplaces of almost any. Many companies require non-slip, textured flooring to prevent injuries on their premises. This is another capability of many types of industrial flooring where aggregates have been added.

What Types of Industrial Flooring Are There?

There are several kinds of flooring available from Quest LTD, with each type offering its own valuable set of facets. Affordable resin flooring can be quickly applied with a seamless finish. It’s available in almost every colour imaginable and is highly durable but comfortable underfoot.

Polished concrete floors are another budget-friendly option. They’re extremely hard wearing and exceptionally low-maintenance, with an elegant, highly sought-after finish which is available in matte or gloss. Polished concrete is environmentally friendly and has non-slip attributes.

Other options provided by Quest LTS are screed floors – for sites that require perfectly even, level, durable surfaces, and smooth, self-levelling high-build epoxy coating – for high traffic areas. The latter can be made textured and non-slip with the addition of aggregates.

We also offer industrial line-marking, such as the demarcation of directional arrows and loading bays.

Which Industrial Flooring is Right for My Business?

There are numerous excellent options when it comes to industrial flooring. The best way to select the perfect type is to first weigh up your priorities.

Do you want a seamless, durable surface in the colours of your brand? Resin might be the best choice for you. Do you want the choice between matte and gloss and the option of indoor or outdoor installation? It may be best to go for polished concrete.

If you are not sure of exactly what you need, don’t hesitate to contact the team at Quest LTD today. We’ll be happy to talk you through your requirements and recommend the right type of industrial flooring.

Simply fill in our quick online form to get the ball rolling, and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible.