What it takes to make magic

Those who want to know more on the subject of Magic, Witchcraft and Spirituality often ask themselves questions. But between asking questions and wanting to practice magic passes us. Many think that there is a pre-established process, that it is enough to recite some formula to acquire incredible powers – as seen in the films. The truth is enormously different: it is almost impossible to become a Witch, since those who have Magic in their blood already are, but, probably, they just have to find out.

Discovering that you are a Witch, a Magician, a Fortuneteller or a Ritualist is an event that can affect anyone, even you who are reading these words of mine right now! And it is to you that I am addressing: if you are here, it is certainly not a coincidence and I invite you to pay close attention to what I am about to tell you.


Experiencing Witchcraft or Wicca is a very important step and is born within us, rising day by day to the rhythm of nature. Becoming a Witch – understood as self-discovery – will lead you to observe the world around you through ancient memories and traditions that, with strength and abundance, have resisted under the rubble of time. Developing the propensity to be a Witch means internalizing all that is most beautiful in Magic. You have to absorb it, make it yours and finally let it flow through the so-called spells. You will ask yourself “how is this possible?” and the only answer that exists, however obvious it may seem, is: close your eyes and listen to your energy vibrate with every breath you take! The powers of the Witches can truly be boundless and it is the concern of each of them to choose the real spells to use. In any case you can find a lot of info on how to make spells, ligaments and magic at the following link: https://www.blackmagicmasters.com/.


A very frequent question that aspiring Witches ask themselves, concerns the difference between good and bad. But can you become a good witch? And the answer is really very simple: there are no good Witches or bad Witches but only good or bad intentions! Magic allows wonderful results but also terrible spells; you don’t have to be afraid of this, after all nature can be as fertile as it is destructive. Becoming a Witch will make you understand the sacred importance of the value of balance, a question that will always allow you to direct your magical powers not towards the concept of Good or Evil, but towards Justice.