What Must You Know About Custom Photo Frame?

The art of picture framing started in Egypt between 50 to 70 AD, and despite the rapid growth of technology, it still exists today. You probably have one—a family portrait on your wall hanging there for years.

Those are worth the display since you could see them every day and boast about them whenever a visitor comes into your home. Moreover, it tells so many stories about you or as a family. It displays events of what had happened in your life that you could never go back to.

Additionally, the cost of a custom frame in Singapore is way cheaper than home decor. As such, it is an incredible item as housewarming gifts, and you could give them to anyone since it transcends time.  Keep on reading if you want to learn more about it.


What Are the Things You Could Frame?

Now that you have understood why the art of picture framing in Singapore still exists, it is time for you to know what things you could frame.

Most people think they could only frame photographs taken by their cameras. Little did they know that they could store and keep other things more than that. When it comes to framing, anything is possible to frame. Just make sure the item has a flat surface!

To further elaborate, list down below are the things you could frame.


●     Map, Diagrams, or Architectural and Interior Design Plans.

The following does not only contain vibrant colour and unique texture, but it makes your home look extraordinary.

One of the reasons is that these pieces of paper probably have a story to tell about who you are as a person. As such, making any visitor want to know more about you.

PRO TIP: These things look great in large frames. Instead of buying from the store, order a personalised photo frame with a dimension of  42”x 62”.

●     Handwritten Letters, Postcards, or Recipes.

Even though there are now smartphones and computers that help you rely on your thoughts instantly, handwritten messages are more meaningful.

The way the letter strokes and how much pressure has meanings in between them. Thus, looking at those letters, postcards, or recipes you received from your ancestor on your wall gives you an idea of who they are. Sometimes, it could inspire you to do something outside your comfort zone.

●     Puzzles.

Instead of throwing away the puzzles your kids used to complete when they were young, keep them framed. That will give you a nostalgic feeling of how much they have grown over the years.

Before you display this on your wall, complete the puzzle first. You could either glue it together or leave it as it is so anyone could play with it in the future.

●     Flags and Pennants.

If you love attending sports tournaments like soccer and you have a favourite team in mind that won several times, displaying their flags would give you something to boast.

Anyone visiting your home would know that you are a fan of that game, and you attended several sports tournaments throughout the years.

PRO TIP: When displaying this, make sure it has a plain white backdrop, and the frame has a regular shape as big as the flag or pennants.

●     Currency or Stamps.

After a long trip abroad, you might have come across foreign bills that you forgot to spend and convert back to Singaporean Dollar. When that happens, do not keep those in your wallet. Instead, hang them on your wall to remind you about what happened on your trip.

You could also do that to the first bill you received from your first customers when you opened your business.

●     Book, Comic, or Magazine Covers.

If you are a bookworm, for sure, there are old books you have not re-read yet for years. If you found a stack, choose your favourites among them and keep them on your wall. It is something you could show off when someone visits your home, much more if you are Marvel or DC comic collector.

●     Silhouettes.

Even though it seems silly to do, your silhouette is a perfect display if you want something to remind yourself about the younger you.

To make things happen, hire a photographer to capture your shadows and request a frame maker to create a custom photo frame that suits this the most.

●     Nostalgic Clothes.

As parents, we love to see our kids growing up, but we hate it since their cuteness will never be the same when they were a toddler.

However, there is a solution for that. Aside from framing the picture of your baby in Singapore,you could also display their outgrown clothes. That would help you remember more about their toddlerhood.

●     Pressed Botanicals.

If you are a green thumb, for sure, you would want to keep the plants you produce forever. However, plants wilted over time and did not last long once plucked. Fret not since your hard word will not go to waste once you pressed and framed those on your wall.

PRO TIP: Pressed any leaves or flowers using a thick book. Let it sit there for 24 to 48 hours. Once done, it is ready to display.

●     Grandma’s Embroidery.

Do you remember the mittens your grandmother made you when you were young? The one that your mother kept safe in her cabinet for years? Take it out. Do not let your grandmother’s embroidery rot inside the drawer. Hang them on your wall by framing them inside a custom frame in Singapore.

There, your mittens will be safe and sound, and anyone could see how beautiful your grandmother’s embroidery is.

Did those items above startle you? That is normal since those are the unexpected things most people did not know they could frame. You probably did, too, were not aware of the value of those lying around your home, but now you are, so keep them safe by framing them!


What Are the Types of Photo Frame?

When it comes to decorating your walls or displaying decor at home, choosing the right photo frame can be overwhelming. Since a photo frame would draw attention to anyone coming in, it should complement what inside. That adds to the ambience of the home and makes anyone feel relaxed.

Here’s a breakdown of the different photo frames.


●     Gallery Frame

This kind of frame is what you often see in the museum. It uses a matte that creates an elevated frame-to-frame effect that brings the display to shine more.

Choose this photo frame if you have a museum-like wall since it would complement everything together.

●     Floating Frame

As the name suggests, this frame would create an illusion, making the item look like floating on the wall. Even at first glance, it gives you unforgettable feelings. That is the impact this frame displays.

●     Deep-Sets Frame

If you choose this as a custom photo frame in Singapore, expect it to have a subtle shadow effect. The reason behind this is the thicker matte and deep frame that draws the attention inward towards the item framed inside.

●     Tabletops Frame

Instead of hanging on the wall, this frame is on the table or countertop, standing. That is possible with the help of its stand located at the back of the frame.

Most people choose this type of frame when they have so much space, and they want to add more life to their place. You would usually find them in the living room or bedroom.

●     Shadow Box Frame

On the other hand, this frame is deeper than the usual frames you see. The reason behind its feature is to frame items that have a bit of volumes like clothes and embroidery.

When you choose this type, guarantee it is deep enough to display the item you want to hang on the wall. Use a measuring tape to know how many inches the depth is.

●     Crystal Frame

This frame is quite similar to the floating one. Even though it does not make the item look floating, the frame shines. It sparkles, making the framed item appear so gorgeous than it can be.

●     Slide-In Frame

As you can guess, this one has a modern feature that allows any item with a flat surface inserted inside. If you choose this one, you can easily change out the photo. You would only need to slide in and out.

See, there are a lot of photo frames available out there. In case you have no idea what you should get, consider getting a personalised photo frame in Singapore instead. That saves you time and effort thinking which one is better for the item you want to frame.


How to Order a Personalised Photo Frame?

Whatever item you want to frame, you made the right choice of getting a personalised photo frame in Singapore. Indeed, since you know for sure that the object would fit perfectly and would complement the interior design of your home.

Since this will be your first time ordering a personalised photo frame, you are probably clueless about what you need to do. Therefore, to make things simpler for you, keep the following steps in mind. Doing so would help you rely on what custom photo frame you want to display at home.


Step 1: Decide Which Type of Frame.

To create a personalised photo frame, you must first choose its skeleton. Those are the different types of photo frames mentioned above, and the colours could vary depending on what palette you want.

Step 2: Consider the Number of Mattes.

The matte in photo frames is the thin piece of paper usually piled together. Somehow, you could say it is a border within a photo frame, making the item stand out more. Also, it acts as a divider between the art from the glass.

Step 3: Know What Dimension.

This one depends on the size of the item that you would want to frame. For example, if you prefer to keep an old letter, its usual is 8.5 x 11 inches, but the skeleton would be a few inches bigger than that. The reason is to make the old letter pop up.

As for its allowance, you could rely on the measurement you want or let the frame maker decide by themselves.

Step 4: Choose the Glazing.

The glazing in photo frames is the first line of defence. It is the front-liner that sits between the art and the exterior of the photo frame. It is a transparent barrier that could be either a glass or acrylic sheet.

Between those two, glass is more durable and could stand against most chemicals but could crack when dropped on the floor.

Step 5: Determine the Backing.

The backing board of the frame is the mounting support that helps it stay in place.

When choosing yours, your options are museum-quality and self-adhesive. Between the two, the latter is much cheaper. Also, it has more selections to choose from for a personalised photo frame.

Remember, the information you rely on the frame maker influences whatpersonalised photo frame you would get. That is why you have to be clear and coincide with your order. For detailed instructions, add photos to your request. They will use that as their reference making your custom photo frame.


So, What Should You Do Now?

Well, it is simple. All you need to do is search for a frame maker in Singapore. Once you determine they are the ones who could produce the personalised photo frame you want for your memorabilia, then hire them. Make sure you provide them with all the necessary information like the ones mentioned above.

In any case, you cannot find a reliable frame maker and not sure what custom photo framesuits your home that most, describe them to Framing Angie. She has been in the picture framing industry in Singapore for more than 20 years. That number of years alone guarantees how skilled of a frame maker she is.

Get in touch with her by visiting Framing’s Angie’s website here.