Getting Started with Fashion: How to Find Your Personal Style?

Just be yourself.

These are the three words that you would hear often from other people. Whether you are asking for advice when you are about to go on a date, or you are about to attend the first day of your school and you want to make friends, people would often tell you to be yourself. However, when you start analysing what they mean when they say that to you, the message gets lost. When this happens, it is not healthy to blame yourself. Take comfort in knowing that most people do not know how to be themselves either. It is a process, and you must know it takes more than buying plenty of clothes or fashion glasses in Singapore.

It is easy to dismiss personal style in the age of accessible fashion. You can buy clothing almost anywhere nowadays. Whether it is from a brick and mortar store or a website that allows you to purchase your clothes online, you can get them anywhere and anytime. The question that emerges from this is: how will you stand out among the rest? This is when personal style becomes a matter. When you have it, people form their impressions of you. Just by three seconds of seeing you wearing your clothes, they could not help but form a judgment out of your physical appearance even if they know you by heart. It is only part of human nature. Some might say that it should not matter what other people think, but human nature also covers the behaviour that what other people say or think about you has some kind of value. The takeaway from all of this is that it is okay to get affected by other people’s judgment as long as you turn it into something positive about yourself.

If you are starting to get a bit conscious about how other people see you, take it as a chance to change. This change could be the moment where you can find yourself and define what your style is, so let it happen!

In this article, you will learn what to do to create lasting change, especially in your personal fashion style. You will know the reasons why it is difficult to be loose around people. It may take you to reflect on what your mind has been telling you to think instead of giving you the strength to stand for what you like about your style. With these in mind, you can use them as motivators of change. Hence, you can begin taking the steps on how to develop your personal style! If these are the things that you want to happen to you, read on further!


Why is it Difficult to Express Yourself?

One of the main obstacles that people may encounter when they want to express themselves are born out of three reasons. Here they are:


Not careful in choosing influences

Do you admire a specific celebrity? If so, you know how they advertise products to their fans. Being one of their fans, you might have gone out your way to buy those products, such as drinks or even Bluetooth speakers in Singapore. It is not a bad thing, but you must know whether their influence is good or bad. They might be the reason why you are having a hard time expressing yourself because you want to be like them. So, as a result, you end up having a copy of a style.

You think that they are instructions

It might sound contradictory to write about the negative notions of instructions to know how to find your true self when this article is about giving you steps to find your style. You must know that no one else can tell you how to be yourself, but you can take some advice. What you do with that advice is up to you. However, sometimes, you take it as truth, when you should not.

Believing there is a right way

No one can know if a decision is right or wrong until it was made. For instance, you thought it was the right time to invest in a fashion dress, but you only realised later that there would be no events that allow you to wear it. You might think it is bad because it is a hefty purchase, but if you shift your thinking into saving the dress for a rainy day, it would not seem like an impactful decision. It is difficult for you to move past it, but remember that you are allowed to make a bad decision once in a while.


Steps to Develop Your Personal Style

Reflecting on these reasons, you might have formed a goal in mind. That is, to develop your style. If you want to know some advice, you should take note of the following steps:


Be an expert observer

When you are out in a marketplace or the mall, does someone’s set of clothes catch your attention? Did you stop and look at a mannequin wearing an eye-catching outfit? If so, you should take note of the clothing elements they wore. What did you like about it? Paying close attention to the details will help you find your style because it will help you know what you like. Thus, be a careful observer!

Do not be afraid to imitate

In an art school, the students are encouraged to develop their craft by studying and copying styles from different artists. When designing your home, for instance, you take inspiration from many interior design eras. For modern design, you might choose to invest in a transparent speaker. Imitating fashion styles is the same. The tip here is to pick one outfit and copy it. The next step is to assess what you like or dislike about it, then revise.

Step out of your comfort zone

The basic shirt and jeans are everyone’s safety net, but you might have thought it was the blueprint of fashion. While blending in by wearing the basics has given you comfort, it would not hurt to try another style. The best advice you can take here is to seek new colours and prints. Start to look at more colours and new prints on the internet. You will find several resources of inspiration because most people who are into fashion share what they like with their audience. It is the easiest step to take when you want to stray away from your comfort zone.

A tip for you: Try buying from a new store! When you choose to take a different route, one that is not your go-to store, you will discover plenty of other clothing options that you might like. Take a friend or a family member with you and ask for feedback on your chosen clothing pieces.

Mix and match with your most worn pieces

Take a look at your wardrobe and take out the clothing pieces that you wore often. Lay them down and think about why you wear them most of the time. Do you like the colours, fabric, or fit? Maybe they are special pieces because they were given to you by someone you love in your life. Either way, take a mental note of these features. When you are out shopping, recall why you liked those fashion glasses in your vanity mirror or those jeans that are high-waisted. Do you like how it shapes your face or how comfortably the pants fit your body? Use these features to find them in other clothing pieces. With this, it would make shopping easier, and allow you to have new outfits to wear!

Trust your instincts

Going back to the topic of following no instructions, trusting your gut is the best way to follow that advice. When you wear fashion pieces that make you feel like the best version of yourself, why should you hold back? When something catches your eye on an online store, why should you not get them? Only you would know what is best for you. Thus, when you have a gut feeling, follow it and embrace it. Fighting it would be the biggest regret that you would ever take upon yourself.


How to Be Confident?

You know that feeling when you are facing in your mirror wearing a new outfit, and you know you can go outside without feeling ashamed? That is what they call confidence. It may be the same as boasting your new portable air purifier in Singapore when you have guests over. You should flaunt what you have. To get you started, here are some things you can do to boost your confidence:


Visualise what you want to be

The secret technique of transforming to a new you are visualising yourself as a transformed version of what you want to be. It helps with improving your poor perception of yourself. You can start by looking at yourself in the mirror, visualising what you want to wear!

Affirm yourself out loud

You can trust no one but yourself. People, you included, tend to believe whatever they tell themselves because it is what matters. So, when you say positive things about yourself in a mirror, you are helping yourself be more positive. These are called affirmations. It will get your brain to accept positive statements more quickly.

Practise gratitude

To live a happy life, you have to practise being grateful. When you can buy reading glasses in Singapore, you should take time to appreciate that you work hard to afford them. Think about all the things that you do for yourself. It will ease all our fears of trying new things because you know that everything you do is for your enjoyment and to meet your needs.

Start a self-care routine

Confidence depends on a combination of good physical health, emotional health and social health. It would be difficult to feel good when you hate your physique, or you have low energy. The solution here is to cultivate a great exercise routine, start eating healthy and develop good sleeping habits. Developing a good fashion sense will follow soon after because feeling good makes you look good!

Live in the present

It would be difficult to gain confidence if you keep thinking about past mistakes. Whether you have been wronged in a previous relationship or you have developed insecurities from a toxic loved one, it can deplete your self-confidence. It may be hard to let go of the past, but a step that you can take is to think about what you have now.

Discovering how to be confident in yourself will not happen overnight. It stays loyal to what people say that Rome was not built in a day. Everything takes time. By shifting how you see yourself, you will also influence how other people view you. Start by focusing on your physical appearance and changing your mentality. With these simple steps, you can create the confidence that will propel you to develop a sense of fashion style that you have always wanted to achieve!


Getting Started with Ante Limited

They say that the beginning is always the hard part. However, you must know that taking the first step would be the best decision you can make to start finding yourself and your sense of style. Remember that you would not feel good about yourself if you wear clothes that do not show who you are as a person. Also, you would not feel good about yourself if your outfit choices damage your self-confidence. To overcome these challenges, you should always take that beginning step. It could be as simple as visiting a new online store that caters to people who want to purchase new clothing pieces and fashion glasses in Singapore!

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