What should we do when carte R4 doesn’t work

The carte R4 allows you to play 3DS/DS games for free on Nintendo consoles. You can enjoy video games anytime with a console and its flashcards that can store plenty of DS/3DS ROMs. But, you’ve certainly encountered situations that your r4 card no longer works, so how do you get it to work again?

If your r4 card does not work on Nintendo3DS/2DS, it may be due to three reasons:

  • you did not do well to install the kernel and the games;
  • the R4 3DS card needs to be updated for your console;
  • the R4 3DS flash card is broken. Please check below for the solution.

The R4 3DS card does not work at first use

If the R4 3DS card can not work, when opening the package, you can try to solve it:

  1. Make sure your operating is correct for getting started the R4 3DS card.

* Download the last correct R4 kernel from the official website (printed on the map).

* Unzip the patch, you can get files.

* Copy all files to the root directory of the TF card.

* Download some games (DS ROMs in .nds format), and copy them to the root directory of the TF card.

(Watch the online video about installing R4 3DS)

  1. Check the connection between the MicroSD card and the R4 3DS card, if it is OK.
  2. Make sure the R4 3DS card connects well with the Nintendo console.
  3. If the top operation is unnecessary, try the R4 card with another MicroSD card.
  4. If it still does not work, try the R4 3DS card on another Nintendo console.
  5. If the R4 3DS can not work in any console with no TF card, it should be defective

The R4 3DS card runs for a few days, and then there is no more reaction?

If you get the R4 3DS card, it worked well before, but now out of work, please do not worry, try below the steps.

  • Go to the official website and check. If there is a kernel update, download the update patch and upgrade the R4 3DS card to the latest version. In most cases, the problem can be solved.
  • There may be some damaged files in the MicroSD card. Try formatting the MicroSD card (usually FAT32 format) and re-install the latest r4 kernel. Some software problems can be fixed by this method.
  • The R4 3DS card is dirty. If the Nintendo console does not know the R4 card, try cleaning the metal teeth (Kingfinger) on the R4 card and try again.
  • There may be other problems, try the R4 3DS card on another console and another TF card.
  • If it still does not work, the R4 3DS card should be broken

[FAQ] Analysis and malfunction of carte R4

Q1: 1: The screen displays: “There is no game card insert”.

A1: The console can not find the r4 card. It is mainly caused by the bad connection between the R4 card and the console. Try to make the connection properly (insert the r4 card slowly and with a little more power), most of the time the problem can be solved. If this still does not work, the metal teeth part (Kingfinger) of the r4 card should be damaged or dirty. Try to wipe them with a clean cloth (maybe some added alcohol).

Q2: The display shows: “No card”.

R2: The r4 card can not find its SD card. You forget to put the MicroSD card to the r4 card, or the SD card is broken. Change an SD card and try again.

Q3: The screen displays “MENU? With an SD card icon.

A3: The R4 card can not read the kernel inside the SD card. This may be due to three reasons: 1. you download a bad kernel or do not install it properly; 2. The SD card does not connect well with the R4 card; 3. The SD card is broken. You can use another SD card, install the good kernel r4, and insert it correctly into the r4 card, it will work.

Q4: The screen displays: “Error, please power off to reset the system”.

R4: The R4 card is blocked by the update of the 3DS system. Go to the official R4 website, download its latest kernel, and use a DS or DSi to update the r4 card. Then the problem can be solved.

Q5: The screen remains stuck on “Loading ……”, then turns black.

R5: The R4 card can not read its kernel well. It can be caused by 3 reasons: 1. The R4 kernel in the SD card is an old version that needs to be updated; 2. Some r4 kernel files are damaged; 3. The connection between R4 and the SD card is not good. Download the latest R4 kernel on its official website for the update, and the problem can probably be fixed.

Q6: Can not find games installed on the R4 menu.

A6: 1. The DS games you download are not compatible; 2. you have not decompressed the DS ROMs; 3. you put the DS games in the wrong place on the SD card. To fix it, please re-download the DS games, unzip the patch and place the game files in the root directory of the SD card. (All DS games must be “.nds” files and do not create any folder for games!)

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