What the Check Engine Light Warns You About? 

It will always be an unnerving situation when at the middle of your drive, your dashboard starts displaying the “Check Engine” light, though you don’t find anything wrong in any of its moves yet.  The “Check Engine” light, which is one of the indicators, is meant to be turned on with all other indicators, when you start your car. But it is also supposed to disappear with all of them when your car starts moving. But when the “Check Engine” light stays back, or simply appears out of nowhere, or when you are least expecting it, you might feel panicky, all of a sudden.

But if you have the basic knowledge about what trigger this light to come up, or what it is trying to warn you about, you can handle the situation with cool and composure, advised a technician serving at the Veradale check engine light repair center. He further explained to us all those situations that might turn on the “Check Engine” light, that we felt as worth sharing.

When the Gas Cap is Out of Place:

The most commonly seen situation that is held responsible for turning on the “check engine” light is the gas cap that might get loose from its place, got torn up, or has fallen down. This will cause the fuel spill or leak into the compartment, which is surely lead to a dangerous situation, apart from wasting the costly fluid.

But the solution to this level of an issue is rather simple you can try tightening back the gas cap, or replace it with a new one, clean up the place, and start driving again.

Other Reasons

Other common reasons behind the “Check Engine” light coming up, is a faulty oxygen sensor, a disconnected wiring, a fused spark plug or overheating of the engine. All of these issues can be inspected, checked up, and solved by yourself, if you take pleasure in handling your car issues all by yourself. But if that does not help, it says that the “Check Engine” light is trying to warn you about some more serious issue, that must be addressed by a certified mechanic, or an authorized auto repair shop. You can know if any of these has caused the “Check Engine” light to come up, if it stays still. But if the light starts blinking, know that it is alerting you of a much serious issue like the damaged catalytic convertor.

Damage in the Catalytic Converter:

If the catalytic converter gets damaged, it will start emitting white smoke in huge quantity, and will miserably fail in the emissions test. But before that, the onboard computer system will detect the issue and send you a message by turning on the “Check Engine” light.

However, to resolve the “Check Engine” light issue, if you take your car to any authorized auto repair shop, there the team of mechanics will start with the process of diagnosing the issue by reading the on board computer system, and repair or replace whatever part is found to be damaged, disclosed the staff members whom we consulted this issue at the center for CEL diagnosis & testing near Veradale.