2021 Chevrolet Spark – One of the best Small Cars for Daily Usage

People looking to buy 2021 Chevrolet Spark means, they are looking for a small vehicle that can make their daily commute efficient. Spark is one of the best small vehicles that is ideally used for daily usage and costs quite reasonably when compared with other models of different car manufacturers.

When in Concord Chevrolet Dealership, you can get ideal deals for a new 2021 Chevrolet Spark. Even at such an affordable price, this car offers precise handling and good ride quality, which is missing from a number of costlier automobiles than this. Hence, take a look at the models and their cost first before moving onto rest of the details.

4 trims of Spark 2021

2021 Chevrolet Spark comes with four different trims for people willing to buy this vehicle. The base model consists of LS which starts from $14,395. Going up the ladder, gets an individual to the 1LT model that costs $16,295; next is ACTIV, which is priced at $17,395 and lastly, 2LT costs $17,795.

Hence, from the price listed, it can be seen that how reasonably priced this vehicle is, especially when compared with other cars in this category. Purchasing 1LT or ACTIV model is well enough for people looking for everyday commuting vehicle; however, if money is not a problem then going for 2LT gets one additional features that makes this small car even more fun to drive for people.

Four-cylinder engine

Each 2021 Chevrolet Spark is equipped with four-cylinder FWD drivetrain, which is mated with CVT (continuous variable transmission) or manual five-speed option. The automatic trims handles power quite adequately without much engine noise.

This car is more than enough responsive when driven around town in a low-speed but takes a bit to get up to a higher speed. Though this hatchback is not ideal for long road trips, but is quite and effective when driving around in a city.

Moreover, what impresses people is Spark’s ability of moving smoothly through congested and slow moving lanes. Stable motions and fast side movements, allows this car for such maneuverability and more. Also, the wheel base is ideal for controlling this vehicle in tight area/spaces without any compromising riding feature.

In addition, road noises and rattles were completely subdued that what is found in economic rival vehicles. Though one might not feel highly quick on a highway, but it will continuously offer a relaxed ride without any twitchy feeling. Also, brake pedal is firm, which is why it offers strong responses to scrub speed consistently and quite quickly.

The manual one offers 29 mpg in city and automatic provides 30 mpg. On highway, the Activ models offer 37 mpg and others 38 mpg. To gather more info on this, you can easily visit Chevrolet dealer Concord.

One doesn’t need much more to know if he/she is looking for a daily commuting transport. 2021 Chevrolet Spark is one of the best small cars available in the world right now. So, you should get one today and make your daily transporting much easy for everyone.

Hurry and visit a Chevrolet Dealership today for yourself!