What to do when Leaks Appear on the Ceiling?

Roof leaks are leaks of water that can come from the rain (if you have no neighbors on the top floor) or from some pipes if you live in a flat within a community and we are not located on the top floor. When it comes to rainwater, in most cases they are due to a lack of waterproofing or to the breakage of any of the tiles. In the first place, it is very valuable that you have home insurance, as it may cover the expenses of a professional to carry out the repair and / or damage caused by the water that has leaked. In any case, in this post LA Top Roofing will explain different ways so you can fix leaks yourself quickly and efficiently.

How to Repair Leaks from Inside and Outside

The most important thing you should keep in mind to fix water leaks on roofs is to locate the exact point where the water sneaks in and know the origin of the leak. If you observe that it originates when it rains, you will only make the filtration disappear definitively when the cause that causes it is resolved. Sometimes it can be a broken tile, but it can also be about wear of sealing materials, the separation of the flashing of a chimney, an unadjusted gutter or the breaking of the asphalt fabric of a terrace, among many other situations.

Repairing leaks from the inside is only a temporary solution, and having the help of a professional roof repair Los Angeles is the best option, since you may have to act from the outside, even having to access walking through the roof beams with the corresponding Safety material to avoid accidents and major damage.

Whether you make a temporary or definitive repair, you have to ensure that the leak is as dry as possible. Probably, if water is falling and you want to remedy it as soon as possible, you cannot wait for the rainy season to pass, but take advantage of some truce that gives you time. In this sense, if the roof is wet it is likely that the materials you use do not adhere properly.

Ceiling Patch

A good alternative to repair leaks from inside the house is to apply with a spatula one known as roof patches. Once the leak is located, it is only a matter of plugging the opening well with the patch and then sealing it with putty. Remember that it is a temporary arrangement, but it is a quick relief for urgent cases.

Roof for Roofs

Roof tar is one of the most economical products to cover leaks and another quick way to get rid of the leak for a while, as it creates a barrier that prevents water infiltration. It is a repair that must be carried out from the outside, raising the tiles and placing tar underneath, also between and on them.


Waterproofing materials are made of materials that prevent the passage and seepage of water. It is key that you choose the ideal material for your roof, the life time of a good waterproofing is between 3 and 5 years. There are acrylics, polyurethane and prefabricated.

How to act Against Leaks that do not come from Rainwater

When we have water leaks in walls adjacent to another neighbor or near community pipes you can suspect that the origin has to do with other people. The same thing you can think of if you have a leak in the roof of the bathroom, for example, and there are one or more homes on the top floor.

To detect the cause of the water leak it is important that you observe what happens with the leak if it is raining. Also pay attention when we open taps, shower or put the washing machine. You have to pay attention to whether the filtration comes from a pipe of your property, especially if it is a wall. Once you have more or less clear the origin, there are two options: Talk to the possible responsible people to call their insurance or contact yours to detect the origin and claim the damages to whom it may concern.

In case leaks appear on the roof of your house, it is important to have a Home Insurance such as the one offered by LA Top Roofing, which covers water damage and helps you protect your home from any unforeseen events.