Idea to Residential Bathroom Remodeling: Design According to the Needs of the Family


Before you start the actual planning of the bathroom, you must ask yourself what are all the needs that it is important that you continue to fulfill as up to now or from today it effectively meets them. For example, how many people do you want your bathroom to provide an effective service? Will it be occupied by children or only by adults? Is the shower at the right height or does it need a reorientation?

If you ask this question with full awareness, you will transform your old bathroom into one that will be clearly everything you need with the help of our general contractor Los Angeles.

Idea for Remodeling the Bathroom of your House: Give it a Vintage Style

The bathroom is one of the areas that is sometimes forgotten because it is the most private space, both houses, and public spaces; That is why we propose that yours with that renewal that you will do will be the opposite: a space to show off your good taste and personality.

Currently there are new, sophisticated and elegant bathroom items and in the decorative field a very interesting gap was opened, just imagine, you can decorate your bathroom with photographs, golden faucets, natural flowers, and so on.

Clear Idea to Remodel the Bathroom: White Color and Minimalist Style

In addition to thinking about color changes, furniture and ornaments, you should also keep in mind that the bathroom is an area where water is present at all times, therefore, there will always be wet and semi-humid areas. It is for this reason that we give you as idea number three that the finishes you choose for your bathroom have an adequate design and texture suitable for cleaning excess moisture.

Replace Marble Cladding with Ceramic Tiles, Another Idea to Remodel a Small Bathroom

For the floors of the residential bathroom remodeling, marble and ceramics are ideal, given their waterproof qualities, in addition to having a great facility for cleaning. That is why for the area, especially the shower, we recommend that the walls be covered with these materials.

The chosen shape of the marble or ceramic pieces depends on your taste; for example, you can choose both large-format porcelain tiles and marble belts; Each brings a specific character in the design of the bathroom.

Bathroom Remodeling: Install Furniture According to the Size of the

The distribution in the remodeling of your small, medium or large bathroom, you must do it based on placing the furniture that is most used to be closer to the access and ending with the one you use less, so the bathroom will have an efficient remodeling.

In this sense, it is convenient that in the remodeling of your bathroom you have a distribution of furniture that begins with the sink, as it is usually used without having to access the other furniture; A bidet would be the next one since it is used after the toilet and before hand washing. The toilet would follow and then the shower; and if there is a tub, it would be the last piece of furniture that would be placed.