What’s a Good IELTS Score in Canada?

The International English language testing system (IELTS) is a well-known standardised English proficiency test. The IELTS is taken by millions seeking higher education. If you are planning to seek admission to any college or university abroad, getting an IELTS score would become necessary for you.The exam is recognised and accepted by employers, universities, immigration officers, and other professional organisations across the globe.

The IELTS exam format consists of four categories: writing, speaking, reading, and listening. There are two categories of the exam, IELTS General Training and IELTS Academic. Listening and speaking is the same for both categories of exams. While reading and writing vary depending on whether the format is academic or that of general testing.  The total time of the exam is 2 hours and 45 minutes.

The IELTS exam has to be taken only at an officially registered IELTS centre. Reading, writing,and listening categories of the exam can all be taken on the same day. But the speaking test has to be completed within a week ahead or after the other tests, according to your official IELTS Testing Center.

A minimum overall score 6.5, with a minimum score 6.0 in each category for Academic test is necessary to make you pass the test. Minimum accepted score varies based on the requirement of colleges. Different colleges and universities set different limits for the IELTS result for admission eligibility.

What is the minimum IELTS Score for Immigrating to Canada?

Canada’s immigration system is a point-based system that allocates points for various components of your application. Points are given for various aspects like personal qualifications, professional qualifications, work experience, recommendations, etc., one of which is your capability in the English language. The highest point score equivalent to 24 points is given for most noteworthy English language capability. Canada has its language benchmark or CLB that has a range from 1 to 12. In IELTS, if one managestoreach CLB 10, it is the excellent language capability, or the IELTS score is the perfect score.


Below is the IELTS score required by the top 3 universities in Canada for international students:

  • University of Toronto:Overall band score of 6.5, with a minimum score of 6 in each exam section.
  • University of British Columbia:Overall band score of 6.5, with a minimum score of 6 in each exam section.
  • McGill University:Overall score of 6.5, with no minimum score set for each section.
  • University of Alberta:Overall band of 6.5, with no band below 5.0.

Here a score of 6.5 shows the capability of a “competent user” as per IELTS standards. This applies to all skill sections to adequately take part in the English program on offer.  Several universities have a minimum score requirement of 5.5 as an overall IELTS band score also.

Below are the IELTS score required by some other Universities in Canada:

  • Royal Roads University:5 overall with a minimum of 5.0 in each band.
  • Clair College of Applied Arts and Technology:5.5 overall with a minimum of 5 in each band.
  • Canadore College of Applied Arts and Technology:5 overall with a minimum of 5.5 in each band.

You should get somewhere around 67 points out of 100 based on various parameters like your age, educational training, work experience, and language skills. Your PR visa for Canada will be given based on this. Agood IELTS score is necessary in case you need to get your PR visa immediately.