Danish Modern Shell Chair For A Modern Home

The shell Chair was amongst the most iconic and innovative designs by Hans J. Wegner, a Danish furniture designer. It was created in 1963, initially, it did not sell as much as it should have, but it was later concluded that it was way ahead of its time. Around the 20th century, it received many awards after being reintroduced by Carl Hansen and Son.

It is a masterpiece in Danish modern design, due to its lightness and reclined and curved backseat. It is supported by a frame that features 3 legs instead of one. It follows Wegner’s ideology that chairs should always offer comfort to be aesthetically pleasing from all angles and have no backside. Moreover, he believed that the inner workings of a piece of furniture should be appreciated by its exterior. His shell chair also follows the same function,  enhancing its simplicity.

Architectural Masterpiece for the Home

The wing-like seat and curves give an image of floating lightness for the shell chair. The backrest is also curved instead of being flat which adds to comfort. Moreover, instead of four legs, the shell chair is made of a three-legged frame and is still considered to be highly stable and durable. The two front legs are one single element, which is why it is deemed stable. The seat and backrest are made of upholstered veneer, that makes the user lay back and relax.

Variations to Choose From

This chair is a replica of the original Wegner design. There is a quick ship option that ships a standard chair, and a custom option. The custom option offers a wide variety of colors and materials to choose from. The material of the seat and backrest can be Cashmere, Linen, Aniline Vivo, Vintage, and Cowhide. The veneer color is also offered in walnut, natural oak, and rosewood finish. The custom option, however, takes a period of 8 to 12 weeks to be made, while the quick ship only requires 4 to 7 days.

Material and Dimensions

The structure is made from sliced veneer, while the upholstery consists of urethane foam with many upholstery options. Despite the many options for the fabric, all the materials are said to be baby-proofed and are fire-retardant and non-toxic. The following are the dimensions:

Width: 36.25 inches  x Depth: 32.75 inches  x Height: 29.25 inches
Seat Height: 14 inches

The chair has generous dimensions, and accommodates all sizes, it is neither too small, nor too big. Thus, it ensures high quality, comfort, and sturdiness so it may be used by all.


In short, the shell chair is suitable for all rooms of houses and offices. Its modern style, replication of the original design and quality make it a must-buy, especially if you are a fan of Danish furniture. It is well suited for almost all types of themes and goes well with all types of pieces of furniture. Moreover, it is customizable and thus you can choose colors according to the tones of your house or office.