What’s the difference of Clearshield?

There are options in Australia when you are looking for security screen doors. But how different is Clearshield from the other? Rather than going through clearshield.net.au, here’s everything you need to know.

  • Australian-born

Aussies rule, hey? Developed in Western Australia, George and Jamie Koutsoukos brothers invented the innovative one-piece Stainless Steel Perforated Sheet security screen door back in the 1990s. Named as Clearshield, the product is strong to meet various standards while being understated to blend in every building.

  • Multiple award winning

Not to mention Australia and International patents, Clearshield has won Australian Awards, including the Good Design Award for cyclone debris screen product and security screen door and screen and the Australian Business Award for Product Innovation, for its innovative security solution.

  • Exceeding Australian Standards

 As of all security door products in Australia, Clearshield passed the relevant AS 5039, AS 5040 and AS 5041 with excellent results. Because of the structural integrity from a single stainless-steel plate, Clearshield is able to withstand 60 knife shears, 50 impacts of 73-pound foot force, 15 impacts of 368-pound foot of force, exceeding the Australian Standards for up to 20 times. The security door also passed the anti-jimmy test, bushfire standard, U value, solar hear gain co-efficiency and visible light transmission testing for security screen doors.

Clearshield security screen doors also tested and passed cyclone and fire attenuation standards, withstanding up to 44m/s impact of items blew up by cyclone.

  • Maintain your lifestyle

The major benefit of security screen doors other than keeping your family and yourself safe is the understated look of the doors. The see-through ability of the screen keeps your elegant front door still visible to visitors while the security screen door blend in like a normal flyscreen even with matched door frame.

The screens keep sunlight and natural air circulation available for your home while reducing solar hear and UV by 86% and 71% respectively, significantly cooling your house in summer days.

  • Premium material from Denmark

Clearshield imports stainless-steel sheets from Denmark for its excellent strength and unrivalled quality. The panels are highly resistant to corrosions and stains while being extremely durable for your long-term security.

  • Minimal maintenance needed

Other than the strength of Clearshield security screen doors, the lack of small gaps or seams of the one-piece stainless steel design made cleaning of the doors quick and simple.

  • Local reassurance

All security doors on offer from Clearshield Victoria feature triple-lock on the top, middle and bottom of the door to prevent wrenches. Their Victorian factory is able to customise Clearshield door accurately to your specifications to meet the mere millimetres requirement of the Australian Standard.

Located locally also meant on time and satisfactory support directly from the manufacturer. Over the years, we have been widely acclaimed by our customers on our excellent service.Clearshield manufacture and sell directly to reduce the need of a middleman to control our the prices of security screen doors.

  • Trialled and tested

All the products are carefully tested at the factory before delivery for ensuring quality. Clearshield Victoria also offers warranty in case anything goes wrong.

Developed in Australia, we understand this place more than anyone else. Our innovative security solution is nothing more but impressive among other screen doors. Protect your property today with Clearshield.