Where to find the Best Forex Training

18 Best Forex Training Courses For Beginners 

If you are trading in forex or thinking of doing so, you must know that, without ample knowledge of forex training, it is very difficult to reach where you want to go. While it is especially beneficial for beginners, those who want to broaden their knowledge and hone their skills should also undertake some form of training.

Since forex trading is broad and covers several areas such as options and spots, futures, leverage, brokers, and trading platform, knowing more about the forex market will help you uncover all these different platforms. Based on your understanding of the various aspects of forex trading, you can choose to trade in a specific market in a way that best suits you.

To help, we have weaved together a list of the best forex training and trading courses; from free and paid courses for beginners to price action trading courses. These guides will definitely transform you into a better forex trader and provide you with sufficient knowledge regarding forex trading.

Free Forex Training Course For Beginners 

  • FX Academy 

Along with being amongst the best free courses, this allows you to learn as per your own schedule and choice of topics. The best feature of FX Academy is its comprehensive and engaging learning through videos and quizzes.

  • Forex Peace Army 

This is a thorough and well-structured guide to complete trading education. You can simply open their forex military school page and swipe through the chapters to discover the basics and types of trading, which is all on a single page and is very easy to navigate through.

  • Baby Pips 

This is one of the most popular forex blogs, and it has recently created a school providing free education to anyone who is keen to learn about forex. They have a basic philosophy regarding how to be a successful trader – make pips, keep pips, and repeat. But they also tell you that it is going to be difficult. The course is well formed, with levels starting from ‘preschool’ and going up to ‘graduation’.

Forex Training Courses, Communities And Coaches 

  • Bizintra

Develop and hone your trading skills with Bizintra and learn to consistently place lucrative trades with confidence. Bizintra’s mantra is that if you wish to trade live, you must be taught in a live environment, consisting of daily trading signals, on-demand videos, and access to like-minded traders whenever you need them. It also offers live support and education for you to be a confident trader.

Nick Leeson and other high profile traders deliver Bizintra’s comprehensive programmes over a period of three months. Additionally, its Alpha Programme is sponsored to keep the price down. For attaining the sponsored place, you have to simply register with Bizintra, then make a trading account with its partner brokers and deposit $250 in the account. Once you deposit the amount, you can withdraw the deposit amount anytime if you feel trading is not for you.

  • Platinum Trading Academy 

This forex training academy provides an ample amount of free information in the form of blog posts, videos, strategies, etc., suitable for traders with every level of experience. In terms of premium products, it offers a few levels of training courses, from basic to elite.

It also provides a Trading Television product. This product is an interactive and live forex web seminar you can watch. They have a wide range of topics including live trading signals, education, and news throughout the day so you are able to select whatever is of interest.

  • Winners Edge Trading 

Featured on several sites such as Babypips, business.com blog, and Forbes, this platform is highly popular in the industry. On their website, you will come across multiple free tools including a trader profile quiz, forex calculations, and economic calendar linked via relevant news items.

Additionally, they provide two premium services, which offer access to its Strike 3.0 product. Other than the training aspect, the plans offered provide detailed trading support such as software and alerts. The higher range plans also consist of access to live trading calls and rooms, as well as top-notch training modules.

  • Six Figure Capital 

Owner and trader, Lewis Glasgow, has designed a simple and sleek 14-day course, which is suitable for people with all levels of experience. If you purchase the course, your lifetime access to content includes a community section, market analysis, 14-day course, nine modules, and live trading signals to enhance your knowledge even more. You can either choose to pay all at once or in the form of monthly instalments.

  • Learn To Trade 

This is an Australia-based forex trading training site, which offers numerous free resources as well as paid mentorship programmes. You can start with a free information pack to learn about forex trading basics and then register for their live FX workshop that takes place on multiple dates and at multiple venues around Australia.

You can then dig into particular strategies and sign up for its one-on-one coaching. Selecting one-on-one coaching training could be costlier than many online courses, but it will also be more advanced.

  • 2ndSkiesForex 

This offers you a free beginners’ course, having 12 chapters with content from the basics of the forex market to professional price action trading strategies. You can choose from several of its premium and expensive courses, which include Advanced Ichimoku Course, Advanced Price Action Course, and Advanced Traders Mindset Course.

  • Trade with Precision 

The Trade with Precision team and Nick McDonald have cultivated their strategies into a compact method that includes technical mindset, principles, and risk management techniques. It provides an enormous selection of training courses to cater to all budgets and levels.

There are several add-ons at each level but the primary component of training is an online recording to work through and then multiple-week-access to review and go through the tricky topics again.

  • Forex Mentor Pro 

This forex training platform has been helping traders to learn new trading systems and understand the forex market since 2008. All you have to do is sign up for a monthly subscription to either access content for beginners or to learn from courses based on particular forex strategies.

If you pay for the year’s subscription in advance, you can get a decent discount. Along with the subscription, you will have the access to daily video analysis of forex trades, three trading systems, step-by-step video forex training, proprietary trading indicators, help and support, and a private members’ forum.

  • The Forex Trading Coach 

Run by New Zealand-based Andrew Mitchem, this platform has coached people living in more than 58 countries worldwide. He teaches the strategies he uses in his own daily trades. The website, along with training, includes weekly live trading room webinars and daily trade recommendations for those who invest in this course. If you are in for a full day of live training, you can consider Andrew’s one-on-one training.

  • Trading Academy 

With 4.72 stars out of 5 from more than 195,000 reviews, this forex training platform is probably the best one out there. It offers courses in 48 locations as well as online courses. Students can learn under the guidance of more than 120 experienced instructors who have educated tens of thousands of students.

It also provides tailored training based on your aims – from investment strategy (either wealth or income solution) to asset choice (futures, forex, options, or stocks).

Forex Price Action Courses 

The term ‘price actions’ refers to how a currency price changes over time. Traders can interpret the way currency pairs move to make predictions regarding the future. The courses mentioned below focus exclusively on this topic:

  • The Forex Guy 

The Forex Guy’s ‘Price Action War Room’ will let you access the course to teach you how to study charts like a pro, weekly video tutorials, chart of the day commentary, community with chat rooms and forums, custom candlestick generator, and trade management panel software. The Forex Guy is the best, and hence it tops our list.

  • Forex4Noobs 

This is specifically targeted at providing forex training to new members (or noobs) of the forex community and help them understand how price action works. You can begin by signing up for a free weekly newsletter that provides trading tips and price action analysis. It covers more than 15 topics in its basics section to let you know what you are getting into.

Finding a broker and making a risk management plan are huge steps and Forex4Noobs has a free course that covers these topics. You can select Forex Mastermind to access five advanced modules and a forum with other traders. You can choose to make 3 monthly payments or have lifetime access through a single lump-sum payment.

  • Daily Price Action 

If you want to learn from an experienced trader, you can learn from Justin Bennett through his website, Daily Price Action. There is also a ‘New to Forex’ section for beginners that will take you through the complete basics including MetaTrader 4 installation and trading terminologies.

If you already know the basics, you can pay and subscribe to Pro Forex Community. Benefits include video tutorials, more in-depth training, an experienced mentor, and membership to community discussions and forums.

  • Learn to Trade the Market

You can gain lifetime access to Nial Fuller’s forex training course, which offers a detailed guide to price action strategies, daily trade set-up letters, tutorial videos, and email support. Nial holds 14 years’ experience in forex trading, so he has invaluable experience as a coach, trader, and author.

  • Forex School Online 

As you can gather from the title, this is a free online beginners’ forex trainingcourse created by Johnathon Fox, who is a price action trader. Once you get through the basics, you can enrol in its ‘Advanced Price Action Trading Course’, which will teach you strategies that you can apply to your trading.

Along with price action strategies, you will get a psychology course, access to the live price action setups forum, price action strategies, member articles and videos, and email support from Johnathan Fox with the membership.

Key Takeaway 

Now that you have been introduced to various courses regarding forex trading training, you should also know how to choose the right option.

The subject can be divided into two categories – price action and general knowledge. You must have a general knowledge about forex trading if you are planning to begin trading. After knowing which category of training you want to focus on, you should decide if you want to pay for the service or not.

If you have a lot of time and are thirsty for knowledge, you can take up as many free courses to add to your general knowledge as you want, while discovering more about the areas you want to explore. If you want to learn something specific in a short duration, from one-to-one personalised sessions, and do not mind paying, you can choose to learn from paid forex training courses. Always remember to learn from legitimate and genuine websites.