Which State Produces The Best Rappers?


The DIY essence of rap, possibly the most influential medium of music, ensures that practically anyone can pick up a guitar, learn even the most rudimentary knowledge of drums or mixing tools, and become a rapper almost overnight.

The observations are well known. New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston – many of them have created wildly fertile rap communities that have expanded throughout the country over time. Each town has its own special style, its own sound and its own attitude. The integration of all these subgenres in a single, regional discourse improves the whole art form and we are better off.

While several cities worldwide have lively local Hip Hop communities, there are ten American scenes on this list that are regionally popular.

Memphis, Tennessee:

Memphis is another city in the South of the United States that has a long tradition of prestigious artists. Many early pioneers in the styles of soul, blues, rock n roll and even country music have originated in Memphis. Elvis Presley, one of the earlier and most famous rock stars, grew up from Memphis about an hour and began his career in the area.

While the town was a creative hotbed for the mid-20th century, a flood of popular and appreciated music was not carried back from the region until the end of the century. Two big Memphis groups emerged in the 1990s: 8Ball & MJG and Three 6 Mafia. Both became relevant both economically and critically, with Three 6 Mafias achieving unbelievable financial success in the early 2000s.

Chicago: West Kanye:

Until Kanye, Chicago had star rappers. But because the singularly immodest artistic author presumably would inform you himself if he did not, Jordan did what he did for basketball for rap in Chicago. For each of his six songs, Kanye put himself and his city at the forefront of the discussion – quickly and for the general audience. And for each album, as much as he goes farther beyond musically, he has continually remembered his hometown through lyrics.

Florida- YNW Melly:

Jamell Demons, the artist was born in Gifford, Florida, in May 1999. His career began at the age of 15 with Melly posting songs to SoundCloud prior to collaborating with the likes of Lil B (‘Like the 80’), signing up with YSL Records label for Young Thug and, finally, teaming up on his only visual single to date with Kanye West.

In 2019, Melly’s music erupted into success. He actually published a song with Kanye West. He’s also accusing of killing two of his rap crew’s mates, YNW Juvy and YNW Sakchaser.

He quoted his greatest influences as Chris Brown, Michael Jackson and Lil Wayne, but he also claimed he grew up listening to bands such as Drakes, James Brown, Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift.

In 2017, Melly was granted a one-year prison term after three teenagers were charged with shooting a pistol at a local high school. According to a local news article, the rapper was charged with three charges of an enhanced attack on a dangerous weapon and a count of unauthorized release with a firearm. In the crash, nobody was hurt.

In Fort Myers in Florida he was detained for possession of firearms or explosives by a convicted criminal, distribution of alcohol, and possession of drug paraphernalia on 30 June 2018.

Is Ynw Melly in jail? YNW Melly remains imprisoned, and it does not seem likely he would ever obtain protection, unlike his buddy Bortlen, who in May 2020 obtained a bond. Melly had rumours of his assassination and even developed COVID-19 after his imprisonment, but he’s still doing well and hopes that he’ll soon be going. Hopefully he’ll be willing to place his life on the right track as he gets back home to escape a statistical report of abuse or substance usage.