Why bother buying a gimbal if I’m not vlogging?

The expansion of DJI into the consumer market is more or less seen as an appeal to the ever-increasing Youtuber community. While many are attracted or lured to the amazing stabilization from DJI, there seems less of a reason to purchase one of its products.

Brought to you by d1store.com.au, the authorized reseller of DJI products in Australia, here’s the reasons that customers bought its products for.

  1. Recording once-in-a-lifetime events

Although it is still linked to recording, using a gimbal for a unique experience is rather not sharing experience to the world, but to record an important event of life and the memory associated.

It might sound like a waste of money to purchase a gimbal just for an event. However, if you consider the cost of keeping the memory, the joy and the happiness from the event, it does not sound pricey at all.

Whether it’s your 18-year-old party or the proposal to the love of your life, a shaky video of the candle blow or the “I do” is never great. But it is not easy to hide the excitement, even for the one who is holding the camera.

And a gimbal is the perfect tool to solve any possible mishaps to record the event. Even if you only have a mobile phone, there are gimbals like the OSMO Mobile for you.

  1. The place that you will only go once

Why would I go to somewhere that I love for once only? But there are chances that you might not be able to visit the place again. One of the most notable places recently is the Notre-Dame. I feasted my eyes on the immaculate structure once. But no one will be able to see its previous glory anymore.

Being able to revisit the Notre-Dame, even in a video, brought back the spectacular feeling when I first visited the church. And a smooth and stable footage just helps with the overall process.

Gimbals are not necessarily huge enough to disrupt others’ viewing experience currently, like the OSMO Pocket.


  1. The activities that you would not try again

Doing something extreme might not be everyone’s cup of tea. But if you do, it might just be the only time you will try. And it is best to capture it to review the experience and the scared face later.

It is not uncommon that everyone is recording their skydiving or bungee jump experience on camera as they know they probably will not do it again. But you can keep the memory without the scare by video footage.

Action cameras like the OSMO Action is perfect for the job, being light and small to carry but extremely robust.

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  1. The place that you cannot go

It is getting a bit out of mind, isn’t it? But there are places that a camera can reach, and human cannot, which is the perfect case that made drone shots so popular.

I still remember the first-time seeing footage from a drone, totally shocked with the angle that it filmed at. Too high for camera cranes but too low for helicopters to comfortably fly over are the places where drones excel at.

The Mavic 2, one of the best drone for 2019, is kinda perfect for us to view the world from a spot that we cannot.