Why do we need server-side programming languages?

Websites rely on two main components: the server and the server.

The principal is any internet browser or device used to display or interact with the website. The server contains all the data and files associated with displaying the site on the client.

If you have already made an online purchase, there are several server-side necessary processes to complete the transaction.

Electronic stores, for example, need many things like, customer accounts, the process of inventorying periodically, description of goods, the ability to receive credit card and shipping data, a place designated for customers to do a review of goods sold. All this information is kept in a large database on the server, away from the client

In order for goods to appear on the screen, we need programming languages ​​that run on the server. These languages ​​are concerned with creating, reading, updating and deleting goods from the database that contains the merchandise data. These languages ​​are called Server-Side languages.

From which programming language can I start ..?

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Most server-side scripting languages ​​do almost the same job, and you can get almost identical results using any of them. However, each language has its own merit, so we recommend that you start with the language you find interesting and stick to the end instead of wasting time searching for the best language to start with. After you begin to understand the principle of employing a server in one of the languages, you will be able to use this knowledge to facilitate learning other languages ​​and solve problems in several different ways.

Online buying and selling:

Personal web design

To understand some of the server-side processes that should be programmed when designing an online store, we’ll take a closer look at the online selling process.

After you’ve filled out your e-basket and prepared to pay, most online stores need you to create an account or sign in to complete the purchase. When you enter your username and password, this data is sent to the server for verification. Here comes the role of server-side programming languages ​​that compare the data entered with the account data in the server’s database, to in turn accept or reject the login.

And to save time on the customer, the login is done before obtaining the credit card data and the shipping process, so the server can save this data along with the login data on the database.

Hence, server-side scripting languages ​​are an interwoven part of purchasing expertise and the site itself.

Servers are the main focus, it is not only a storehouse of HTML documents, but data is stored, manipulated and distributed at the same time as the user interacts with the site.

What is the frame ..?

Several server operations repeat. After all, server applications are designed to handle similar requests from thousands of users simultaneously. To ease the burden of writing a unique code for every task that server-side scripting languages ​​perform, developers have begun creating the framework. The framework provides a type of programming that reduces iterative and common tasks. Instead of wasting time writing code for each function from the start, the framework provided a set of rules and standards that facilitate the programming process and are agreed upon by all developers.

Explanatory example: The framework is like buying a ready-made cake instead of buying the ingredients alone and making the cake yourself.

What are the most popular server-side scripting languages?

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As mentioned previously, the server’s task is to send the correct HTML documents to the client that requested them, save the databases, and ensure the data the user enters (such as login data).

Different programming languages ​​can be represented as the types of cars. All cars will connect you to the desired destination, but they differ in terms of speed, color, style, and accessories. The number of programming languages ​​increases with the development of websites.

Language #C

Microsoft has developed and its primary work is to manage huge databases. The proliferation of software manufactured by Microsoft in the field of work made it easy to spread the #C language. Supplement Framework: ASP.NET

Go language

Founded by Google, taking into account performance.

Instead of developing an existing pre-existing language to suit the performance required, it established a new, unprecedented language. Accessory Frame: Gorilla & Revel

Java language

It is one of the oldest and most widespread programming languages.

It was originally designed to be used in programming applications for a personal computer, but at the beginning of the 21st century a team of developers found a way to use it in server programming. Tire Attachment: Spring

Node.js (JavaScript) Lang

With JavaScript spreading to add interactivity to the site interface, some developers have found a way to use it as a server-side scripting language. Supplementary framework: Hapi

The Python language

Python is famous in universities as the first programming language taught to students, and is widely used in the production of self-works. And spreading in the academic field, it is achieving success in designing science and mathematics libraries. The attached frame: Django

PHP language

Unlike other programming languages, this language was made specifically for web development from its first day. Many content management systems are based on this language, such as WordPress. Supplementary framework: Laravel & Symfony

You can now start designing your own website or designing an online store, using one of the server-side website programming languages.

Have you studied a programming language before? … Share your experience!


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