5 Amazing benefits of Tantric Massage

Over recent times, tantric massage has exploded in popularity, as it is finally starting to be accepted by the mainstream, as a therapy that can provide numerous benefits for body, mind and spirit. Below we look at some of the 5 most desirable benefits of tantric massage:

  1. Stress and Tension – You tantric massage therapist will employ the unique healing massage strokes used in tantric massage to work out all the tension in the body and mind. Another component of Tantra is tantric breathing techniques which can be used for both sexual performance, but also for helping to meditate and induce total calm and peace. Entering into this deep state of relaxation, helps to clear the mind and body of built up tension, and helps one to feel free and liberated. This is particularly important in today’s very stressful life, where around 90% of chronic disease is said to be caused by stress. Embracing the power of massage can really help to control stress and tension levels
  2. Improved Sleep – Many people that are regular users of authentic tantric massage report that they are able to sleep much deeper and have less disturbed sleep. This offers a natural process to those that have issues with sleep, and ties into the whole theme of those that embrace Tantra generally become much more calm and relaxed.

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  3. Sex Drive – One of the core components of tantric massage is the sensual aspect of massage and to learn more about your partner. By understanding more about your partners needs and wants in the bedroom can give a much more meaningful and deeper connection. The process of tantric massage can really help to re-ignite the flame in many relationships, and this in turn leads to increased sex drive and deeper meaning in the process.
  4. Clearing Blockages – The core principle of Tantra is built around Chakra’s. The term ‘Chakra’ is from Sanskrit terminology, and is loosely translated as a ‘wheel’, the root origin word being ‘cakra’. They are thought of as spinning wheels of energy which are located along the spine. It is said that by keeping this energy stores clear from any blockages, we are able to keep our body and mind free from ailments.
  5. Sexual Dysfunction – As men get older, sexual dysfunction can become quite a problem for a meaningful amount of guys and can in many cases ruin sex lives and put a major dent in ones self-esteem and confidence. Tantric Massage offers a complete natural method to help work through issues like this without resorting to taking medications that inevitably have side some undesirable effects.

If you are thinking of trying tantric massage for the first time after reading some of the amazing potential benefits, we would definitely recommend it as being a completely holistic approach to keeping the body clean and healthy, and adding a bit of sensual and erotic spice at the same time!