Why Is My Phone Going Straight to Voicemail on iPhone


Having calls go straight to voicemail can be a cause of missed connections and pertinent conversations. While the voicemail feature is designed to record messages when you can’t answer, unintended rerouting of calls is undeniably frustrating. This guide sheds light on why your iPhone might be sending calls directly to voicemail and offers solutions to remedy this inconvenience.

1. Do Not Disturb (DND) Mode:

  • What it Does: The DND mode silences calls, alerts, and notifications when your phone is locked.
  • Solution: Check the Control Center (moon icon) or navigate to ‘Settings’ > ‘Do Not Disturb’ and ensure it’s toggled off.

2. Blocked Contacts:

  • Accidental Blocking: It’s easy to inadvertently block contacts, causing their calls to be diverted.
  • Solution: Go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Phone’ > ‘Blocked Contacts’ to see and manage the list of blocked numbers.

3. Silent Mode and Ring Settings:

  • Silent Toggle: If your phone’s side switch is set to silent (showing a red dot), it won’t ring.
  • Ringtone Volume: A low ringtone volume can make it seem like calls are going straight to voicemail.
  • Solution: Ensure silent mode is off and adjust the volume using the side buttons or through ‘Settings’ > ‘Sounds & Haptics’.

4. Cellular Connectivity Issues:

  • Weak Signal: In areas with poor signal or no service, calls might be directed to voicemail.
  • Solution: Move to an area with better signal or consider using a signal booster. Also, check if your carrier has any ongoing service outages.

5. Call Forwarding:

  • Forwarding Activated: If calls are being forwarded to another number, they’ll bypass the ring.
  • Solution: Navigate to ‘Settings’ > ‘Phone’ > ‘Call Forwarding’ to ensure it’s deactivated.

6. Software Glitches:

  • Software Bugs: Sometimes, software anomalies can cause unexpected behavior.
  • Solution: Restarting your iPhone can resolve many minor glitches. If the problem persists, consider updating your iOS to the latest version.

7. Voicemail Settings:

  • Carrier Settings: Your carrier controls voicemail settings, and a misconfiguration can cause issues.
  • Solution: Update carrier settings by going to ‘Settings’ > ‘General’ > ‘About’. If an update is available, an option will appear. Additionally, contact your carrier for further assistance.

8. Reaching Capacity:

  • Full Voicemail Box: If your voicemail box is full, new calls may be denied or diverted.
  • Solution: Regularly check and delete old voicemails to free up space.


Having calls unexpectedly jump to voicemail on your iPhone can be vexing, but understanding the potential culprits makes troubleshooting simpler. By taking a methodical approach, from checking basic settings like DND mode to exploring network connectivity, users can typically pinpoint and address the root of the issue.


Q: Can I select which contacts bypass the Do Not Disturb mode?
A: Yes, you can designate ‘Favorites’ or specific contact groups to bypass DND under ‘Settings’ > ‘Do Not Disturb’ > ‘Allow Calls From’.

Q: Is there a way to know if I missed calls due to these settings?
A: The ‘Recent’ tab in the Phone app will show missed calls, even if they were sent directly to voicemail.

Q: Why do some calls ring for a short time then go to voicemail, while others go directly?
A: This could be influenced by the caller’s network, your phone’s signal strength at the time, or specific carrier settings. It’s best to consult with your carrier for detailed insights.