Why it’s important to have a trusted HVAC company on your side

There’s nothing worse than having a cold house in the winter because your furnace has gone out and a hot house in the summer because you’re A/C isn’t working. That’s why it’s important to have a trusted HVAC company on your side.

HVAC maintenance checks should happen twice a year – towards the beginning of spring and towards the beginning of winter with a 6-month spread between appointments. These checks help prevent your unit from breaking and causing extreme damage to your home.

How to choose an HVAC company

As you already know, it’s important to have an HVAC company you trust and can rely on to call for your maintenance and repair checks. But, how do you know how to choose one that’s going to work for you? Here are a few tips.

Check experience –

If you’re looking for a company that’s brand new, you’re likely getting a company that’s inexperienced or a technician that’s going to overcharge because they haven’t established their pricing. Instead, find someone who has been in business for at least 5 years.

Ask for estimates –

When you have your HVAC company come to complete your bi-annual checks, it’s important that they give you an estimate on any work that needs to be done. You can then take that quote and approve it or get a second opinion. Never should you not receive a quote and approve it before the technician sends you a hefty bill for repairs you were unaware of.

They should have references –

If you didn’t find the company from referrals from friends or family members, the company should have references online that recommend them. If not, it’s likely a company you don’t want to work with. Nowadays, everyone has a social profile or a Google listing with reviews. Not having some, is a bad sign.

Check their licensing –

Before hiring a company to do your work, you should verify they are licensed in your state. Each state has certain requirements and technicians (companies included) need to get state licensure approved before they can come to your home. These license numbers should be listed on their website or given if you call and request it.